Famous Western Movie Lines


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Well, I'll reckon famous western movie lines can be infamous. Cuz' here you'll find some plum mean villains saying some of the maddest darn things. Some others is simple folks with hearts o' gold.

A maverick hero during the wild west was usually a lawman, a cowboy, territory marshal, military officer, or just a gunfighter. Tough, independent, fearless. Characters of honor and principle. Willing to face any danger in a hostile environment all alone.

As for villains of westerns, well you'll never be quoted such a sore, low down, foul mouthed bunch of stinkin' wretches in all your life! These greasy scoundrels are some of the filthiest scum belly's this side of Dodge. It really don't matter none, all these western movie lines are nuggets of gold! I'll be...


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