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"You want some?"

"You want to pay a ten dollar fine, or spend ten days in jail?"

"I'll take the ten days."

"Maybe we'll see each other in jail, again some time... Uh?"

"... That's possible."

"He's paid my fine huh?"


"Can't be all bad."

"You know how many holes I can put into you with this gun?"

"Lamar... I gotta dollar says I can break your neck before you get that rig moved a half inch."

"Mr. Holland wants you around... it's the only reason I don't plug you right now!"

"When Mr Holland doesn't want me around anymore, you let me know... Huh boy?"

"How do you do Mr. Jingle-frontin'-dumb ass-sheep-dipper?"

"If these people want to fight me, then I'll blow'em straight to hell!"

"I know its a crappy deal buddy... But that's all you got."

"He's dead..."

"I believe ya."

"Straight up or draped over the saddle? Either one..."

"Little girl... find some whiskey for me to drink."

"Joe, you shouldn'ta done that!"

"Next time, I'll take your damn head off."

Joe Kidd Review

Director: John Sturges

Writers: Elmore Leonard

Released: July 14, 1972

Movie length: 88 minutes

Cast: Clint Eastwood - Joe Kidd

Robert Duvall - Frank Harlan

John Saxon - Luis Chama

Don Stroud - Lamarr Simms

Stella Garcia - Helen Sanchez

James Wainwright - Olin Mingo

Paul Koslo - Roy Gannon

Gregory Walcott - Sinola County Sheriff Bob Mitchell

Dick Van Patten - Hotel manager

Lynne Marta - Elma

John Carter - Judge

Pepe Hern - Priest

Joaquín Martínez - Manolo

Ron Soble - Ramon

Pepe Callahan - Naco

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