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"What the hell's a nun doing... out here?"

"You gotta be touched in the head!"

"Sister, I don't mind shootin' for ya, but I'll be damned, if I'm going to sweat over them."

"Well Sister Sara, you ever get tired of being a nun, you can look forward to being an 'A-1' gravedigger... That's for sure."

"Those fellas wasn't much of a fight... but one of them wasn't a bad cook."

"Lady, if you weren't a nun I'd let you save your own bacon."

"Get rid of that cross, it shines like a mirror. Bring that little ass horse and follow me!"

"Your stomach keeps up like that, they'll have the whole French army on us."

"Too bad nuns don't play poker, you'd be sharp at it."

"Well, let's put this way. They pay me off in tortillas, I'm gunna shoot'em right in the eye."

"All the women I've ever met, were natural born liars, but I never knew about nuns... 'till now."

"That's a hell of a lot of whiskey before breakfast."

"I don't know if this arrow is near my heart... I don't think so, some women say 'my heart ain't exactly in the right place.'"

"No miracle, just a rotten lousy accident. That's gunna cost me my whole deal!"

"I like being in the arms of a good lookin' nun. How do you like it, Sister?"

"You certainly are entitled... But, I never did see anybody get used to hard liquor so fast."

"I realize that doesn't mean much to you... But to me, that's livin'."

"Why don't you get me a bottle of tequila, and I'll lay you out a plan as smooth as a baby's behind."

"I'd like some dynamite workin' with me."

"I will welcome all you can get. You show me the tree its growing on, I will have my men pick it."

"This will buy enough dynamite to give my horse a rupture."

"If we take the Fort, we'll owe ourselves a celebration. I might even put a little whiskey in your lemonade!"

"A reward?"

"Two hundred gold francs."

"How bout' that... Certainly better than a stab in the eye, with a sharp stick."

"Sister Sara, this here's a cat house?"

"Oh... no, Hogan this is no cat house. This is the best whore house in town!"

Two Mules For Sister Sara Review

Director: Don Siegal

Writers: Budd Boetticher and Albert Maltz

Released: June 16, 1970

Movie length: 116 minutes

Cast: Shirley MacLaine - Sara

Clint Eastwood - Hogan

Manuel Fábregas - Col. Beltran

Alberto Morin - Gen. LeClaire

Armando Silvestre - 1st American

John Kelly - 2nd American

Enrique Lucero - 3rd American

David Estuardo - Juan

Ada Carrasco - Juan's mother

Pancho Córdova - Juan's father

José Chávez - Horatio

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