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"Are we gunna hang him, or beat him to death?"

"Some people calls this hell, but you're still in Oklahoma territory. Save your breath. I don't know who hung you are why, but if you're innocent, the judge will set you free. And if you're not, we'll have to take the trouble to hanging you again."

"Marshall... watch out for him, he's plum loco."

"There... two hundred dollars, plus fifty President Harrison owes you. You'll get it when I get it."

"Sounds like you're a man... trying to give away money and don't have too many takers."

"Sound like a man, who's protesting the pay's to high... don't. You sign on, you'll earn every cent of it."

"Nineteen marshals and one court to commandeer seventy thousand square miles. A happy hunting ground... filled with: bushwhackers, horse thieves, whiskey peddlers, counterfeiters, hide peelers, marauders... they'd kill you for a hat band. Now, that's why there's a badge in my desk, Cooper... Itching to sit on somebody's chest! ... and no takers."

"Pick up the badge, Mr. Cooper. Pick up the badge! Or, leave justice to me, and my men..."

"If you're crazy enough to try and take in the Swede alone... you got a right to try it on a full stomach."

"I owed my life to Buzz."

"He was a man with a back bone. A lawman... won't be easy to fill his shoes!"

"No, it won't... Well, I better get on back to Red Creek."

"We all have our ghosts, Marshall. You hunt your way, I'll hunt mine."

"It didn't make no sense, him sittin' in that cell, goin' crazy... Town without no blacksmith."

"He promised that if I'd turn him loose every day for a couple of hours to work his trade, that he's come back to his cell, each night. And he did... came back every night but one... I rode out to his home. A home where I'd had many a dinner. A home of a friend... I had to bring him back, and put him in his cell at gun point. He made a break for it, I tried to aim low, but I'm not very good at that... "

"I heard you paid eight hundred to the skunk who murdered the O'Hansen's, and sold you their herd."

"That's right."

"How much did you get back when they were caught?"

"Eleven dollars and forty cents."

"There's eight hundred in this envelope. It's yours... Or, you can keep the hundred head. Prime, every one of'em."

"Uh uh... Ain't got much use for cattle these days."

"Here's eleven dollars... and forty cents, for the aggravation that caused me. And you take that bad back of yours, right over to Red Creek and tell your friends we're even... money wise."

"So... it's no deal."

"He figures you still owe him for a lynchin."

"Now, that makes three mistakes we've made. The money... We hung an innocent man. And, we didn't finish the job. We can't undo the first two. But, we can still finish the job."

"Whole town's full up for this hangin'."

"Well, I don't care how you slice it! Whether there's nine men out on a plain with a dirty rope, or a judge with his robes on in front of the American flag! Those boys are guuna be just as dead, as if they'd been lynched!"

"When you take the devil into your mouth... you're doomed! For he is lying there. Waiting for you... inside that bottle of whiskey."

"I've never seen a man who has more right to be dead."

"You know you're a nag? ... A very pretty one, but a nag."

"I just want to say, that I don't hold you to blame. For what that's worth."

"It's worth something."

"How many men will you have to hang, to heal your scar?"

"Go to hell, Cooper."

"I've already been there, Judge."

Hangem High Review

Director: Ted Post

Writers: Leonard Freeman and Mel Goldberg

Released: August 3, 1968

Movie length: 114 minutes

Cast: Clint Eastwood - Marshal Jed Cooper

Inger Stevens - Rachel Warren

Ed Begley - Captain Wilson, Cooper Hanging Party

Pat Hingle - Judge Adam Fenton

Ben Johnson - Marshal Dave Bliss

Charles McGraw - Sheriff Ray Calhoun, Red Creek

Ruth White - Madame 'Peaches' Sophie

Bruce Dern - Miller, One of the 3 rustlers, and murderer

Alan Hale Jr. - Matt Stone, Cooper Hanging Party

Arlene Golonka - Jennifer, the Prostitute

James Westerfield - Prisoner

Dennis Hopper - The Prophet

L.Q. Jones - Loomis, Cooper Hanging Party

Michael O'Sullivan - Francis Elroy Duffy, Prisoner

Joseph Sirola - Reno, Cooper Hanging Party

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