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"I'm not a man of violence."

"... Wanted for theft, gambling debts, arson and murder."

"You promised."

"When a man is a killer, arsonist, cheat and a coward, it's hardly surprising if he turns out to be a liar, as well."

"Hey... we're going backwards!"

"You are one... superior... son of a bitch!"

"You're pretty free with your theories, Mr. Deacon, and my whiskey!"

"You're drunk!"

"Drunk? I wish the hell I was drunk!"

"You hurt?"

"Only my dignity..."

Breakheart Pass Review

Director: Tom Gries

Writers: Allistair MacLean

Released: December 25, 1975

Movie length: 95 minutes

Cast: Charles Bronson - Deakin

Ben Johnson - Pearce

Richard Crenna - Governor Fairchild

Jill Ireland - Marica

Charles Durning - O'Brien

Ed Lauter - Major Claremont

Bill McKinney - Reverend Peabody

David Huddleston - Dr. Molyneux

Roy Jenson - Chris Banion

Rayford Barnes - Sergeant. Bellew

Scott Newman - Rafferty

Robert Tessier - Levi Calhoun

Joe Kapp - Henry

Archie Moore - Carlos

Sally Kirkland - Jane-Marie

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