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"Didn't hear what the bet was?"

"Your life."

"He's nothing but a wild, vicious animal!"

"He's tall, isn't he?"

"You're just dirty!"

"The presence of a safe, alone, doesn't always signify that there is money inside..."

"The truth is Mr. Mortimer, to try robbing us, would be so futile only a complete fool would attempt it."

"Ya... or a complete madman."

"You listen to me, you sawed off little runt!"

"Why should a man walk around with a pistol, and then let himself be insulted? That's mighty strange."

"I've reached nearly fifty years of age with my system."

"Too bad you have to die..."

"I'm going after them and I'm going alone. Our partnership is dissolved."

"I've been reasonable, with no results."

"It's a good spot for an ambush, and we can get him in two fires."

"Ya... you on the outside, me on the inside, right?"

"It's a small world."

"Yes and very, very bad. Now, come on. You light another match."

"I generally smoke just after I eat. Why don't you come back in about ten minutes."

"Ten minutes you'll be smokin' in hell!"

"Very callous of you... old man."

"My boy, you've become rich."

"You mean we've become rich, old man."

"No, it's all for you. I think you deserve it."

"What about our partnership?"

"Maybe next time."

"Any trouble, boy?"

"No, old man. Thought I was having trouble with my adding. It's alright now..."

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