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"Well... definitely got him. I'd say gut shot but ahh... you gottem' pretty good."

"Intervals of ten feet. Be ready... he's here. Remember, if you kill this son of a bitch you will not be paid. Extremities only."

"Yup... still bleedin."

"A man without a horse, is generally a dead man."

"Son... nobody can protect nobody in this world. The sooner you realize that the better."

"What do you want?"

"I'd of thought that it was obvious, seeins' how I been shootin' at ya."

"Why are you doing this?"

"... Seraphim Falls..."

"You look powerful familiar, mister."

The war's over, sir. Has been three years."

""Won't never be over!"

"It was war..."

"War's men fightin, you son of a bitch! That weren't war, what you did..."

"All that take the sword... shall perish with the sword."

"You'll pay for that life. Or, you'll pay with yours."

"Forgive me..."

Seraphim Falls Review

Director: David Von Ancken

Writers: David Von Ancken and Abby Everett jagues

Released: April 13, 2007

Movie length: 115 minutes

Cast: Liam Neeson - Carver

Pierce Brosnan - Gideon

Michael Wincott - Hayes

Ed Lauter - Parsons

John Robinson - The Kid

Robert Baker - Pope

Jimmi Simpson - Virgil

Nate Mooney - Cousin Bill

James Jordan - Evan

Kevin J. O'Connor - Henry

Anjelica Huston - Madame Louise Fair

Shannon Zeller - Charlotte

Tom Noonan - Minister/Abraham

Angie Harmon - Rose

Xander Berkeley - Railroad Foreman

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