High Plains Drifter Movie Lines

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High Plains Drifter movie lines rating: PG-13

"Beer... and the bottle."

"Ain't much good. But, it's all there is."

"You gunna want anything else?"

"Just a peaceful hour to drink in."

"Flea bitten range bums don't usually stop in Lago!"

"Life's too quick for him. Maybe you think you're fast enough to keep up with us, huh?"

"A lot faster than you'll ever live to be."

"Speakin' to you, pig shit..."

"What did you say your name was again?"

"... I didn't."

"Your feet ma'am, are almost as big as your mouth."

"Wonder what took her so long to get mad?"

"Only problem you have sheriff is a short supply of guts."

"Hot damn! I'm gunna declare a holiday... Hot damn!"

"Your gunna look awfully silly, with that knife sticking up your ass."

"You're an animal..."

"You got a way of bringing that out..."

"Somebody left the door open, and the wrong dogs came home."

"Right now, I don't feel too agreeable."

"I'd love to oblige you, but man's gotta get his rest sometime."

"Be careful... you're a man who makes people afraid, and that's dangerous."

"Well, it's what people know about themselves inside that makes'em afraid."

"What about after we do it? ... What do we do then?"

"Then you live with it."

High Plains Drifter Review

Director: Clint Eastwood

Writers: Ernest Tidyman & Dean Riesner

Released: August 22, 1973

Movie length: 105 minutes

Cast: Clint Eastwood - The Stranger

Verna Bloom - Sarah Belding

Marianna Hill - Callie Travers

Mitch Ryan - Dave Drake

Jack Ging - Morgan Allen

Stefan Gierasch - Mayor Jason Hobart

Ted Hartley - Lewis Belding

Billy Curtis - Mordecai

Geoffrey Lewis - Stacey Bridges, Outlaw

Scott Walker - Bill Borders, Outlaw

Walter Barnes - Sheriff Sam Shaw

Paul Brinegar - Lutie Naylor

Richard Bull - Asa Goodwin

Robert Donner - Preacher

John Hillerman - Bootmaker

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