Die Hard 3 Movie Lines

Die Hard 3 movie lines free, (aka Die Hard With A Vengeance).

Die Hard 3 movie lines rating: R

"We'll be back to pick you up in fifteen minutes."

"Take your time, I expect to be dead in four."

"Zues! As in father of Apollo on Mount Olympus! Don't fuck with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass, Zeus!"

"Oh yes, I understand... I understand you're a fucking wacko space who likes to play kids games, that's what I understand."

"Hey! I ain't yo partner, I ain't yo neighbor, brother, or your friend. I'm your total stranger."

"Cheer up, things could be worse, I was working on and nice fat suspension. Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo."

"Are you aiming for these people!?"

"No! ... Maybe that mime."

"I threw his little brother off the thirty second floor of Nagatomi towers out in LA... I guess he's a little pissed off about it."

"I think he's dead, my dear."

"Have you been drinking MacLane?"

" No... not since this morning."

"I couldn't close a hotdog stand, right now! I'm spread out all over hell!"

"I gotta deal for you. Crawl out from under that rock you were hiding under, and I'll drive this truck up your ass!"

"No guts, no glory..."

"I had no idea Canada could be this much fun."

"Yippee-kiyay... motherfucker."

Die Hard 3 Review

Director: John McTiernan

Writers: Roderick Thorp

Released: May 19, 1995

Movie length: 131 minutes

Die Hard 3 Cast: Bruce Willis - John McClane

Jeremy Irons - Simon Gruber

Samuel L. Jackson - Zeus Carver

Graham Greene - Joe Lambert

Colleen Camp - Connie Kowalski

Larry Bryggman - Insp. Walter Cobb

Anthony Peck - Ricky Walsh

Nicholas Wyman - Mathias Targo

Sam Phillips - Katya

Kevin Chamberlin - Charles Weiss

Sharon Washington - Officer Jane

Stephen Pearlman - Dr. Fred Schiller

Michael Alexander Jackson - Dexter

Aldis Hodge - Raymond

Mischa Hausserman - Mischa

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