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"Man, you really creeped us out..."

"Mr. Greysmith? ... Horrid... Horrid... Not so horrid. Horrid... I'm thinkin,' we go with not so horrid."

"Paul, what's on the crime beat?"

"Janice, in 'Date Book' left the party before everyone got naked. That's a crime..."

"Dear Editor, this is the murderer of the two teenagers last Christmas at Lake Herman + the girl on the 4th of July near the golf course in Vallejo. To prove I killed them I shall state some facts which only I + the police know."

"Here is a cipher. The other two parts of this cipher are being mailed to the editors of the Vellejo Times and the SF Examiner. I want you to print this cipher on the front page of your paper. This cipher is my identity. If you don't print this cipher by the afternoon of Fry, F-R-Y, first of Aug '69 I will go on a kill rampage. Fri night. I will cruise around all weekend killing lone people in the night, and move on to kill again until I've killed a dozen people over the weekend."

"The examiner's going, but won't go front page. I say, let's go front page. If he kills twelve people, it won't be our fault."

"I like killing people because it's so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous of all to kill something gives me the most thrilling experience it is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl the best part of it is that when I die I will be reborn in paradise then all that I have killed will become my slaves I will not give you my name because you will try to slow down or stop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife."

"Body or scene?"

"It's your birthday, I'll take the body!"

"Jesus-Harold-Christ on rubber crutches, Bobby, what are you doin!?"

"Before I kill you, I'm going to throw you baby out the window!"

"Does it bother you that people call you Shorty?"

"Does it bother you that people call you retard?"

"I'm not the Zodiac. And if I was... I certainly wouldn't tell you."

"Want to grab a drink?"

"It's ten in the morning."

"Late breakfast, early lunch? You know..."

"Are you ok?"

"No... thank you for asking."


"What's that!?"


"I can't allow you to help. I can't discuss the case with you. I can't give you information, and I certainly couldn't tell you to go see Ken Narlow in Napa. N-A-R-L-O-W."

"Who did he call?"

"I... I can't tell you, that's privileged information. But, maybe Marvin Belli could."

"Now, on a scale of one to ten, ten being positive. How sure are you?"

"At least an eight. The last time I saw this face was July 4th, 1969. I'm very sure, that's the man who shot me."

Zodiac Review

Director: David Fincher

Writers: Robert Greysmith and James Vanderbilt

Released: March 2, 2007

Movie length: 158 minutes

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal - Robert Graysmith

Mark Ruffalo - Inspector David Toschi

Anthony Edwards - Inspector William Armstrong

Robert Downey Jr. - Paul Avery

Brian Cox - Melvin Belli

John Carroll Lynch - Arthur Leigh Allen

Richmond Arquette - Zodiac 1 & 2

Bob Stephenson - Zodiac 3

John Lacy - Zodiac 4

Chloë Sevigny - Melanie

Ed Setrakian - Al Hyman

John Getz - Templeton Peck

John Terry - Charles Thieriot

Candy Clark - Carol Fisher

Elias Koteas - Sgt. Jack Mulanax

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