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"I'm gunna graduate! I wish we'd known each other... this is a little awkward."

"Apparently, they give out a lot less 'D' pluses than 'D' minuses."

"I did call, earlier when using the phone."

"Earlier, when was that?"

"Errr... later when then I left a message."

"Later... What number did you call?"


"I think your brain has a thick candy shell."

Your... Your brain has the shell on it.

"Are you talking?"

"Shut up, Richard."

"I was checkin' the specs... on the end line... for the rotary girder... I'm retarded."

"I can't believe you've never been cow tippin' before. Get ready to live!"

"Holy Schnikes!!"

"Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?"

"Hehe... Why?"

"You better pray to god of skinny punks that this wind doesn't pick up, 'cause I'll come over there and jam an oar up your ass!"

"Hey, does this suit make me look fat?"

"No no... No your face does."

"Ha... it's a clip on..."

"Now it's sale time so remember we take no..."

"No shit from anyone!"


"We don't take no prisoners!"

"We don't take no for an answer."

"I'll tell you what, you can take a good look up a butchers ass by stickin' your head up there, but wouldn't you rather take his word for it?"

"What? I'm failing to make the connection here."

"No, I mean is, you can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a butcher's ass... No, wait. It's gotta be your bull."


"Fat guy in a little coat... Fat guy in a little coat..."

"Let's say I go into some guys office. Let's say he's even remotely interested in buying something. Well, then I'm like JoJo the idiot circus boy, with a pretty new pet."

"Tommy likey. Tommy want wingey."

"Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will."

"Richard, were you watching Spanktravision?"


"No thank you... sleeping."


"Can you come back in an hour?"

"Housekeeping, you want towel!?"

"No towels, need sleepy."

"Housekeeping, you want mint for pillow!?"

"Please go away... let me sleep for the LOVE OF GOD!"

"You want me to jerk you off?"

"What kind of hotel is this? ... Who the hell are... Oh, it's you."

Good morning, sunshine.

"He's a big dumb animal isn't he folks?"

Tommy Boy Review

Director: Pete Segal

Writers: Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner

Released: March 31, 1995

Movie length: 97 minutes

Cast: Chris Farley - Thomas 'Tommy' Callahan III

David Spade - Richard Hayden

Brian Dennehy - Thomas 'Big Tom' Callahan

Bo Derek - Beverly Barish, aka Beverly Burns

Dan Aykroyd - Ray Zalinsky

Julie Warner - Michelle Brock

Sean McCann - Frank Rittenhauer

Zach Grenier - Ted Reilly

James Blendick - Ron Gilmore, Banker

Clinton Turnbull - Young Thomas Callahan III

Ryder Britton - Young Richard Hayden

Paul Greenberg - Skittish Student

Graeme Millington - Frat Boy

Michael Cram - Frat Boy

Dean Marshall - Frat Boy

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