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"I want you to talk about women, Mr Crown?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Women. You have yet to talk about women."

"Oh ...I enjoy women."

"Enjoyment isn't intimacy."

"And intimacy isn't necessarily enjoyment."

"That... is not a sarcophagus."

"It's Friday."

"I'd say come Monday... there's going to be hell to pay."

"Let's go again. Still ten to one."

"A hundred thousand dollars, on a God damned golf swing!?"

"It's a beautiful Saturday morning, what the hell else we gotta to do?"

"What's the matter lieutenant, she leave you for a stock broker?"

"It's detective, first grade. And ahh... it was a urologist."

"Here's to the fear of being trapped."

"At least they look like uptown. The one's yesterday looked like flashers."

"I'd let you in..."

"But... the world is watching. And besides, you've got no furniture."

"Do you want to dance? Or, do you want to dance?"

"There's guy's with bowler hats all over the goddamn place!"

"I'll tell you pull a stunt like that again, I'll break both your arms."

The Thomas Crown Affair Review

Director: John McTiernan

Writers: Alan Trustman, Leslie Dixon and Kurt Wimmer

Released: August 6, 1999

Movie length: 113 minutes

Cast: Pierce Brosnan - Thomas Crown

Rene Russo - Catherine Banning

Denis Leary - Michael McCann

Ben Gazzara - Andrew Wallace

Frankie Faison - Detective Paretti

Fritz Weaver - John Reynolds

Charles Keating - Friedrich Golchan

Mark Margolis - Heinrich Knutzhorn

Faye Dunaway - The Psychiatrist

Michael Lombard - Bobby McKinley

Bill Ambrozy - Proctor

Michael Bahr - Proctor

Robert D. Novak - Proctor

Joe H. Lamb - Proctor

James Saito - Paul Cheng

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