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"Congressman Weaver and the esteemed members of the special Armed Services Commission, I come before you to protest a grave injustice."

"Stone Age cave girls in the raw... kinky."

"I have some bad news, and some really bad news! The bad news is that the gas is corrosive and its eating our suits. The really bad news is there is enough C-4 explosive and poison gas to blow the whole chamber and everyone in the building!"

"You want me to stick this in my fucking heart, are you fucking nuts!?"

"You go first."

"Oh... just some terrorists decided to send a little care package. 'Box of goodies'. Which had to be neutralized before blowing up the office. So, I took the rest of the day off: glass of wine, a little guitar... Just relaxing."

"You didn't mean what you just said, did you?"


"Just right now, when you were talking about bringing a child into the world, and having it be an act of cruelty."

"I meant it at the time."

"Stanley, meant it at the time? You said it seven and a half seconds ago!"

"Well... gosh, kind of a lot happened since then."

"Will you marry me?"

"Whoa... marriage police, pull over."

"I say again, eighty one civilians are under my control as of this moment. You are to take measures to ensure this remains a classified, need to know fact."

"It seems Alcatraz was just re-opened."

"One teaspoon of this hits the floor, its lethal up to a hundred feet. One teaspoon of this shit detonated in the atmosphere? Will kill every living organism in an eight block radius... Get the point?"

"Whats it gunna take to equip a flight of F-18's with thermite plasma, within the next thirty six hours?"

"An act of God."

"The gas Dr. Goodspeed?"

"Its very very horrible sir. It's one of those things we wish we could dis-invent."

"Mr. Mason, I special agent in charge, Earnest Baxter."

"In charge of what? Fucking me over for another three decades?"

"Get this straight pop's. I don't like you any more than you like me."

"Am I out of style?"

"Unless you are a twenty year old guitarist from Seattle. Its a grunge thing."

"Womack! Why am I not surprised, you piece of shit."

"You're a chemical freak."

"Chemical super freak actually, but I still need a gun."

"What do you say we cut the chit-chat, A-hole."

"Make no mistake gentlemen. We are in the fight of our lives. Against maybe the greatest batallion commander in the Vietnam war, I shit you not."

"Catch one of them flame bursts, you're a corpse."

"Welcome to 'The Rock'."

"This man knows our most intimate secrets from the last half century. The alien landing at Roswell, the truth about the JFK assassination. Mason's angry. He's lethal. He's a trained killer. And he is the only hope that we've got."

"You wanna play tough with me? Alright... FBI! Freeze sucker!"

"I like history too, and maybe when this is all over you and I can stop by the souvenir shop together, but right now I just want to find some rockets!"

"Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."

"Carla was the prom queen."

"The second you don't respect this it kills you."

"Me and the boys are ready. Cock, locked and ready to rock!"

"I thought you weren't ready to kill."

"I'm warming up."

"I love pressure. I eat it for breakfast."

The Rock Review

Director: Michael Bay

Writers: David Weisberg, Douglas Cook and Mark Rosner

Released: June 7, 1996

Movie length: 136 minutes

Cast: Sean Connery - John Patrick Mason

Nicolas Cage - Dr. Stanley Goodspeed

Ed Harris - Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel, USMC

John Spencer - FBI Director James Womack

David Morse - Major Tom Baxter

William Forsythe - Special Agent Ernest Paxton

Michael Biehn - Commander Anderson

Vanessa Marcil - Carla Pestalozzi

John C. McGinley - Marine Captain Hendrix

Gregory Sporleder - Captain Frye

Tony Todd - Captain Darrow

Bokeem Woodbine - Sergeant Crisp

Jim Maniaci - Private Scarpetti

Greg Collins - Private Gamble

Brendan Kelly - Private Cox

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