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"You see any action?"

"I was in London, when Franz Bettmann aimed one of those Roman candles about one hundred feet away from me. Broke all my martini glasses."

"You can say what you want about the war, certainly I would never wish for all those millions of people to die, but... the war was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because, when you have money, then, for the first time in your life, you understand it, what money does for you. Where before, all you understood was not having it. Money allows you to be who you truly are."

"Beautiful day, huh?"

"Are you looking for an argument?"

"The problem is, I've seen Emil Brandt's death certificate with my one eyes."

"I thought you weren't lookin' for him?"

"This whole goddamn country, she ends up fucking my fucking driver."

"We're not gunna start World War III, over some dumb G.I, who got his dick stuck in a pitch pot!"

"This guy? Drove one of the gas vans. They load the jews in back, run the exhaust inside. By the time they got where they were going, they were all dead. Very efficient. Driving to work he killed more people than Al Capone in all his years in Chicago. But, if you asked him, he isn't a murderer. He's a truck driver. And he still thinks that."

"Five hundred just to talk... that's what I call a big pervert."

"What do the Americans get?"

"Sounds to me, like we're getting a good fleecing."

"An affair has more rules than a marriage."

"She would make a good wife Lena... she knows all the tricks."

"The good old days, when you could tell who the bad guy was by who was shooting at ya..."

"He hanged people from a crane, right outside his office window!"

"What happened to you?"

"An experiment. To see if you can transplant a bone from one man into another... Turns out you can't."

"I had no more tears. I knew what I had become. I had to kill Tully. He was getting too close the truth. Which was... that the only way out of Berlin for me, was to do one thing good. One thing noble. Otherwise, Berlin would just follow me. A wife should help her husband. Isn't that noble? Isn't that good?"

"The world must know the truth. What really happened. That's the only way out for us. We must answer for what we did. Every one of us."

"You are forgetting it's a two way street. There are things you want to forget, and things we want to forget."

"You've seen what a month's bombing can do to a city! Imagine one bomb, that can do the same thing. One bomb... Stick it on the end of a rocket. Press a button here. Goes off, over there. Anywhere. Half way around the world. That's the future. The future of mankind is in our hands. It's our destiny. Hell, don't you read the papers!?"

"I found twelve. I turned twelve people, over to the Gestapo. That's how I survived... It was all to survive."

The Good German Review

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Writers: Paul Attanasio and Joseph Kanon

Released: Februrary 14, 2007

Movie length: 105 minutes

Cast: Jack Thompson - Congressman Breimer

John Roeder - General

George Clooney - Capt. Jacob 'Jake' Geismer

Tobey Maguire - Patrick Tully

Cate Blanchett - Lena Brandt

Dominic Comperatore - Levi

Dave Power - Lieutenant Schaeffer

Tony Curran - Danny

Ravil Isyanov - General Sikorsky

J. Paul Boehmer - British Press Aide

Igor Korosec - Russian Soldier

Boris Kievsky - Russian Soldier

Vladimir Kulikov - Russian Soldier

Yevgeniy Narovlyanskiy - Russian Soldier

Aleksandr Sountsov - Russian Soldier

Beau Bridges - Colonel Muller

Dean Misch - German Boy

Justin Misch - German Boy

Don Pugsley - Gunther Behn

Leland Orser - Bernie Teitel

Robin Weigert - Hannelore

Tom Cummins - British Interviewer

Brandon Keener - Clerk

Gianfranco L'Amore - The Butcher

David Willis - Franz Bettmann

Christian Oliver - Emil Brandt

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