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"They await you in judgment."

"As another slice of the nation... is mine. Soon, she will be powerless against me. Queen of nothing but her sins."

"What will you do, with her?"

"She too, will confess. And then she too, will die."

"Captain... it is the Queen. She is surrounded... The Inquisitor demands blood."

"Then there is no more time."

"Protect the queen!"

"She sent me, she demands your return!"

"I will die for Spain."

"I know Conquistador. I know... And this bravery of yours, it may save us yet. For Spain has a plan. There is hope."

"There's hope?"

"Conquistador, I am going to tell you, the true reason why the Inquisitor pits Cross, against Crown. One year ago, Father Avila returned from the jungles of New Spain. With a secret so great, it promised to free all mankind from tyranny. Spain desired this treasure, above all things. But, the Inquisitor feared it with equal measure. When I refused to give my quest for it, he responded with this violent coup, to bring Spain to her knees. But we have not yielded. And now we will... defeat him."

"This is our hope."

"A dagger... ?"

"In the core of the once great Mayan civilization, we will find a lost pyramid. Ah... not lost. Hidden. A hidden pyramid of the Mayan myths. The myths tell us of a holy pyramid built upon the name with the Earth, the birthplace of life. A special tree sprouts there, they say who ever drinks of it's sap... will live forever."

"Spain's fate hangs at the whims of a merciless enemy! You dare taunt us, with these Pagan yarns!"

"Will you deliver Spain from bondage?"

"Upon my honor, and my life."

"Then, you shall take this ring to remind you of your promise. You shall wear it, when you find Eden. And when you return... I shall be your Eve. Together, we will live forever."

"He's the very first human."

"Ugh... is he dead?"

"He sacrificed himself, to make the world. That's the tree of life bursting out of his stomach."

"So, what do you think of that idea? Death, as an act of creation..."

"... I'll pull out the car and meet you in the front."

"Through that last dark cloud, is a dying star. And soon enough, Shabalba will die. And when it explodes, you will be reborn. And you will bloom. And I will live..."

"Sorry Father, for you, there was only death. But, our destiny is life!"

The Fountain Review

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Writer: Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel

Released: November 22, 2006

Movie length: 96 minutes

Cast: Hugh Jackman - Tomas/Tommy/Dr. Tom Creo

Rachel Weisz - Queen Isabel/Izzi Creo

Ellen Burstyn - Dr. Lillian Guzetti

Mark Margolis - Father Avila

Stephen McHattie - Grand Inquisitor Silecio

Fernando Hernandez - Lord of Xibalba

Cliff Curtis - Captain Ariel

Sean Patrick Thomas - Antonio

Donna Murphy - Betty

Ethan Suplee - Manny

Richard McMillan - Henry

Lorne Brass - Dr. Alan Lipper

Abraham Aronofsky - Lab Technician

Renee Asofsky - Lab Technician

Anish Majumdar - Dr. Spencer

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