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"People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it, and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes the crow can bring that soul back to make the wrong things right."

"A building gets torched, all that is left is ashes. I used to think that was true about everything. Families, friends, feelings. But now I know. If love proves real, if two people were meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart."

"I am the police, I said don't move, 'Snow White'... You move your dead!"

"And I say 'I'm dead', and I move..."

"Oh great... guy shows up lookin' like a mime from hell and you lose him right out in the open."

"This ghost gunna kill my ass, next."

"It seems our friend 'T-Bird' won't be joining us tonight on account of a slight case of death."

"Well, well, well... Devil's night is upon again. Thought we'd throw a little party, start a bunch of fires, make a little profit."

"Disorder... Chaos... Anarchy... Now that's fun."

"So, you're him, hmm? The avenger. The killer of killers..."

"Guess it's not a good day to be a bad guy, huh Skank?"

"Quick impression for ya... Caw! Caw! Bang! Fuck, I'm dead!"

"For a ghost, you bleed just fine."

"I have something to give you... Thirty hours of pain! All at once..."

"Cant' rain all the time..."

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn. People die. But real love is forever."

The Crow Review

Director: Alex Proyas

Writers: James O'Barr, David J. Schow and John Shirley

Released: May 11, 1994

Movie length: 102 minutes

Cast: Brandon Lee - Eric Draven

Rochelle Davis - Sarah

Ernie Hudson - Sergeant Albrecht

Michael Wincott - Top Dollar

Ling Bai - Myca

Sofia Shinas - Shelly Webster

Anna Levine - Darla

David Patrick Kelly - T-Bird

Angel David - Skank

Laurence Mason - Tin Tin

Michael Massee - Funboy

Tony Todd - Grange

Jon Polito - Gideon, Pawn Shop Owner

Bill Raymond - Mickey, Lunch Stand Owner

Marco Rodríguez - Torres, Homicide Detective

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