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"I just want to thank everybody who sent me food and support. Especially the mentally handicapped child who sent me this book of poems."

"She read my poems!"

"Morning, Mrs. Delarosa... Dimples got out again!"

"... I let him out."

"Maybe this year you won't pee your pants and cry for your mama."

"... Don't worry. Nobody else remembers that."

"Take a good look at that ass, you'll be following it all day."

"I think it's great what you did, saving that tree. Even though they leveled all those other trees."

"Glad to see you're doing your part."

"I'm sorry. I'm wasting trees. They should get one of those... they should get one of those blow jobby things. I'm mean hand jobbys. Hand... hand blowers."

"Sit! Listen up shit stains! I don't know how you worked that balloon trick out of that guy's ass. I don't. But I'm watching ya."

"Don't be ashamed son, I've eaten out of the garbage before."

"Yes... the first thing you have to do is admit you have a problem. You have to come out and say, I am a porn addict."

"Not that kind of control. I've been having these... animal urges."

"Ya... me too. I've got this crazy video on the mating rituals of hippopotamus."

"GRRrrrrrrrr ... he was tryin' to take my... meat."

"Now that's some good badger milk."

"I thought we could be buddies. I even gave you a name... Snowball!"

"Oh... Snowball already has a name... hmmm? Who's a good boy then...?"

"I'm turning into an animal here!"

"Is that your goat?"

"Ya... that's Nelly."

"She's in heat, huh?"

"Ya... that's why I got her separated from the other animals. They can't resist her!"

"Makes sense ...makes a lot of sense."

"Do you smell that? It's kind of musty."

"Uh... asparagus, next table."

"I'm gunna have an officer take you home, and all I want you to do is take care of your cows."

"Ok... I'm going to go put a puppet show on for them."

"If you're gunna stay, at least tie me up."

"Hey, uhh... if one part of the mob gets separated from another part of the mob, shouldn't there be a place we could get together, maybe a secret place the two mobs could reunite? And we'd be a big mob again!"

"Doesn't this guy deserve a fair trial?"

"Back of the mob. What?! This is my spot, I came early!"

"Ok! Out of the mob!"

"Ahh... this mob blows."

"You shouldn't be out here. There's a crazy man-beast in the woods."

"I guess we have the same doctor. I hope this doesn't change anything between us."

"So that's why you have six nipples!"

"Two beasts kissin. That's hot..."

"You can doo it. Cut his freaking balls off..."

The Animal Review

Director: Luke Greenfield

Writers: Tom Brady and Rob Schneider

Released: June 1, 2001

Movie length: 84 minutes

Cast: Rob Schneider - Marvin

Colleen Haskell - Rianna

John C. McGinley - Sgt. Sisk

Edward Asner - Chief Wilson

Michael Caton - Dr. Wilder

Louis Lombardi - Fatty

Guy Torry - Miles

Bob Rubin - Bob Harris

Pilar Schneider - Mrs. De La Rosa

Scott Wilson - Mayor

Raymond Ma - Mr. Tam

Michael Papajohn - Patrolman Brady

Ron Roggé - Patrolman Jaworski

Holly Maples - Elkerton Police Officer

Henriette Mantel - Elkerton Police Officer

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