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"You're staying in the Ramada Inn?"

"Keep the change."

"Do you know anyone in New York?"





"Yes, yes, yes..."


"America is closed."

"I'm sorry I don't let anyone to look at my trash without an appointment. I have an opening, next Tuesday."

"Tuesday would be a good time for you to come back and get lost."

"Buddy, I think you been spending to much time inhaling them cleaning products."

"Put it down. You try to take my mop, you try to take my floor. It's my job. Stay off my floor. Stay away from my mop. If you touch it again, I'll kill you."

"She's a wild stallion, you'll help me break her... I'm her man of mystery."

"You like food? My friend drive the food."

"So, she had a boyfriend. For how long? ... Two years. What happened?"

"Eat shit."

"Look, the man without a country."

"There were witnesses... Those are Cher's panties."

"Please, you got to do this for me. I promise, you are going to get really fat with all the food I'm going to give you."

"Where you from?"

"Krakozhia, Victor Navorski."

"I am Goran, Albania."

"When you come to New York?"

"Oooohh.. Thursday."

Terminal Review

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writers: Andrew Niccol, Sacha Gervasi and Jeff Nathanson

Released: June 18, 2004

Movie length: 113 minutes

Cast: Tom Hanks - Viktor Navorski

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Amelia Warren

Stanley Tucci - Frank Dixon

Chi McBride - Mulroy

Diego Luna - Enrique Cruz

Barry Shabaka Henley - Thurman

Kumar Pallana - Gupta Rajan

Zoe Saldana - Torres

Eddie Jones - Salchak

Jude Ciccolella - Karl Iverson

Corey Reynolds - Waylin

Guillermo Díaz - Bobby Alima

Rini Bell - Nadia

Stephen Mendel - First Class Steward

Valeri Nikolayev - Milodragovich

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