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"I don't have a complex about the size of my knife!"

"Twenty thousand bucks and a moose's head, and she loves my ass forever!"

"What other do you collect?"

"You know... the usual: barbie dolls, baseball cards, ingestible poisons."

"Who are you?"

"You mean right now?"

"She's from another planet, Jack."

"I'm from Mars... Martians know all your secrets."

"If I don't get a cashew nut, I'm gunna puke!"

"And, when I'm learning something nobody can say I'm moving assways!"

"This is not what we do. We are not bodyguards. We are crooks."

"I don't want an American man... I want a man from Mars."

"Collecting is about patience, Jack."

"When you were showing me the pistols, you only loaded one of them. Do you remember which one it was?"


"Well... there is only one way to find out."

Spanish Judges Review

Director: Oz Scott

Writers: William Rehor

Released: October 16, 2000

Movie length: 98 minutes

Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio - Max

Matthew Lillard - Jack

Valeria Golino - Jamie

Mark Boone Junior - Piece

Tamara Mello - Mars Girl

Michael Shamus Wiles - Wellings

J.W. Smith - Red

Ed O'Ross - The Bossman

George Griffith - Griff

Dennis Keiffer - Lenny

David Glen Eisley - George

Rhino Michaels - Hitman 1

Sam Hiona - Harry

Dale 'Mad Dog' Messmer - Auctioneer

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