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"These guys got balls."

"If word hits the street that there's a million dollar bounty on Buddy fuckin' Israel, your gunna have every fuckin' hit man in the free world lookin' for him."

"Sparazza's health is in rapid decline and before he dies, he is demanding the heart of his sworn enemy."

"Million dollar hit fee, would draw some huge flies."

"These speed freak and Neo-nazi assholes read and recite 'Mein Kempf' like it was 'Mother Goose'."

"I bet you guys got a lot of stories, right? I don't. I grew up soft, with the private schools and the little blazers, you know, and everyone 'talked things out', ya know? No one ever threw any blows... Still to this day never punched in the face, imagine that? I'm pretty much a panty waist. I don't say this to be self-deprecating, I just ya know, don't have much of an opinion of myself. I'd much rather be like you guys, ya know, bar fighters and big swinging dicks, takin' care of shit. You know, sadly this is it, ya know, it's disgusting. 'Thanks, God!' Dog pile of piss poor physique, on top of a small cock and hereditary alcoholism, 'Appreciate it!'... I'm babbling. I do that drunk, please forgive."

"I'm gettin' the hairy eye ball off of that guy."

"Put the fucking rabbit down."

"Appreciate it man... get your dick beaters off it."

"He's a strung out, washed up, has been, jerk snitch fuckin' drunk, seven layer loser. Right? I'm prayin' that he puts up a fight! Please! Please... please. Rape him if it's possible. Punch him in the seat or somethin', ya know? Hittem' in the brown... I don't know. Anyway..."

"You went from Beyonce to Big Foot, in less than six fuckin' hours."

"You can't kill over a hundred people without knowing how to tip toe."

"Quit actin' like someone took a shit in your cereal bowl, alright?"

"This is one of them rare moments, when your ass get a chance to be completely honest."

"What do you see right now? You see exactly and only what I choose to show you. That is illusion Ivy, that is the lie that I tell your eyes. Makin' the magic happen in the moment, in that split second. I can shape it, I can shift it, I can make it as real as this room. That is why I am valuable here Ivy, and that is why you are not. I am sorry. I love you. I never wanted it to be like this, you know that."

"How bad?"


"So many people are dead..."

"You shot me, and you murdered my friends... and you dumped us in the lake?"

"Pretty much."

"You tell me something. Is HE the Rosetta Stone? HE's gonna blow the lid off the last sixty years!?"

Smokin Aces Review

Director:Joe Carnahan

Writers: Joe Carnahan

Released: January 26, 2007

Movie length: 109 / 108 minutes (USA version)

Cast: Ryan Reynolds - Richard Messner

Ray Liotta - Donald Carruthers

Joseph Ruskin - Primo Sparazza

Alex Rocco - Serna

Wayne Newton - Himself

Jeremy Piven - Buddy 'Aces' Israel

Ben Affleck - Jack Dupree

Peter Berg - "Pistol" Pete Deeks

Martin Henderson - Hollis Elmore

Common - Sir Ivy

Christopher Michael Holley - Bernard "Beanie" Alfonso

Andy Garcia - Stanley Locke

Mike Falkow - Freeman Heller

Joe Drago - FBI Aid

Jeff Habberstad - Top Coated Gunman

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