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"I tell her that everything will be alright. That I'll save her from whatever she's scared of, and take her far, far away. I tell her I love her. The silencer makes a whisper of the gun shot. I hold her close until she's gone. I'll never know what she was running from... I'll cash her check in the morning."

"No need to play it quiet. Not anymore. Breathe steady, old man. Prove your not completely useless. What the hell... go out with a bang. He likes to here 'em scream. I've seen his victims and their twisted little faces. All wide mouthed and bug eyed. Frozen in their last horrible moment of living."

"Either I'm in time, or I'm way too late."

"Hell of a way to end a partnership."

"I finally sit down. Just like he told me to. The sirens are close now. She'll be safe. Things go dark. I don't mind much. Getting sleepy. It's ok. She'll be safe. Old man dies, Little girl lives. Fair trade."

"Three hours later and my head's feeling several sizes too big. And that cold thing happens to my stomach. And I realize Goldie is dead. Not a mark on her. You'd have to check her pulse or notice those perfect breasts of hers are not moving like they would if she was breathing. She was murdered, and I was right here when it happened. Lying next to her, stone drunk, just like she was."

"Eh! There is no settlin' down! This is blood for blood and by the gallons. This is the old days. Man... the bad days. The all or nothin' days. They're back. There is no choices left. And I'm ready for war."

"I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball."

"It's not just that wolf of his. The wolf just gets scraps. Bones. It's him. He... eats... people. He cooks them like they were steaks. Just like they were steaks. Now, he's got both of us."

"Patrick Henry Roarke. Man of the cloth. Could of become president, but he chose to serve God. And along the way, he just happened to become the most powerful man in the state. He had brought down mayors and governors like they were nothing. He even made his rotten brother a U.S Senator without breaking a sweat. And here, he's gunna get killed in the name of a dead hooker."

"It's almost killing time and I better get sharp. I check the list: rubber tubing, gas, saw, gloves, cuffs, razor wire, hatchet, Gladys... and my mitts."

"Kill'em for me Marv. Kill'em good."


"What's left of him, anyways. The dog ate the rest."

"All kinds of death is about to hit less than twenty yards ahead of us, and still it's hard to take my eyes off her."

"Stay smart. Stay cool. It's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn. Sometimes, that means dying. Sometimes, that means killing a whole lot of people."

"There is nothing like having your friends show up with lots of guns."

"The Valkryie at my side is shouting and laughing with a pure, hateful blood thirsty joy of the slaughter. And so am I... The fire, baby. It will burn us both. There is no place in this world for our kind of fire. My warrior woman. My Valkyrie, you'll always be mine. Always... and ever."

"I've never been that good with people. When it comes to reassuring a traumatized nineteen year old, I'm as expert as a Palsy victim doing brain surgery with a pipe wrench."

"Get Senator Roarke behind bars? Sure, maybe after I've pulled off that miracle, I'll go and punch out God."

"Turn the right corner in Sin City and you can find... anything."

Sin City Review

Directors: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Taratino

Writer: Frank Miller

Released: April 1, 2005

Movie length: 124 / 147 minutes (director's cut)

Cast: Jessica Alba - Nancy Callahan

Devon Aoki - Miho

Alexis Bledel - Becky

Powers Boothe - Senator Roark

Cara D. Briggs - Hearing Panel Person

Jude Ciccolella - Liebowitz

Jeffrey J. Dashnaw - Motorcycle Cop

Rosario Dawson - Gail

Jesse De Luna - Corporal Rivera

Benicio Del Toro - Jackie Boy

Jason Douglas - Hitman

Michael Clarke Duncan - Manute

Tommy Flanagan - Brian

Christina Frankenfield - Judge

Rick Gomez - Klump

Carla Gugino - Lucille

Josh Hartnett - The Man

Rutger Hauer - Cardinal Roark

David H. Hickey - Juicer

Evelyn Hurley - Josie

Greg Ingram - Bouncer

Nicky Katt - Stuka

Jaime King - Goldie/Wendy

Helen Kirk - Maeve

Michael Madsen - Bob

Ethan Maniquis - Bozo #1

Jason McDonald - Ronnie

John McLeod - Mercenary

Clark Middleton - Schutz

Frank Miller - Priest

Brittany Murphy - Shellie

Iman Nazemzadeh - Bozo #4

Lisa Marie Newmyer - Tammy

Tommy Nix - Weevil

Nick Offerman - Shlubb

Clive Owen - Dwight McCarthy

Marco Perella - Skinny Dude

Sam Ray - Interrogator #1

Randal Reeder - Man with Hitman

Mickey Rourke - Marv

David Alex Ruiz - Thug #2

Ryan Rutledge - Painted Cop

Marley Shelton - The Customer

Jeff Schwan - LouieKorey Simeone - Priest #2

Nick Stahl - Roark Jr./Yellow Bastard

Paul T. Taylor - Assistant DA

Scott Teeters - Lenny/Benny

Ken Thomas - Bozo #2

Rico Torres - Cop #2

Makenzie Vega - Nancy, Age 11

Arie Verveen - Murphy

Patricia Vonne - Dallas

Shaun Wainwright-Branigan - Doctor

Chris Warner - Bozo #3

Bruce Willis - Hartigan

Elijah Wood - Kevin

Danny Wynands - Big Mercenary

J.D. Young - Store Employee

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