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"Mrs. Balboa, did you learn any Russian?"

"Ya ya... she got fluent in Vodka."

"Ya... well maybe I'll take you upstairs and violate you like a parking meter."

"Cost you a quarter!"

"I gotta fight ok! I got problems, I gotta fight!"

"You're goin' to roll over him like a bulldozer! An Italian bulldozer!"

"Nature is smarter than people think!"

"This here's the favorite thing I have on this earth. And Rocky Marciano give me that. You know what it was? It was his cuff link... And now, I'm giving it to you."

"Listen Mr. Duke, we're living like human beings, you oughta' try it some time."

"Simply put, you're the great white hope!"

"You're a damn fool."

"It just takes one bad hit, and you could be an invalent!"

"None of these bums think straight."

"Whoa... it ain't no law to duck."

"This is called boxing, this ain't no mugging!"

"You ain't goin' to get mangles.."


Rocky 5 Review

Director: John G. Avildsen

Writers: Sylvester Stallone

Released: November 16, 1990

Movie length: 104 minutes

Cast: Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa

Talia Shire - Adrian

Burt Young - Paulie

Sage Stallone - Rocky Balboa Jr.

Burgess Meredith - Mickey Goldmill

Tommy Morrison - Tommy 'Machine' Gunn

Richard Gant - George Washington Duke

Tony Burton - Duke

Jimmy Gambina - Jimmy

Delia Sheppard - Karen

Mike Girard Sheehan - Merlin Sheets

Michael Williams - Union Cane

Kevin Connolly - Chickie

Elisebeth Peters - Jewel

Hayes Swope - Chickie's Pal

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