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"Where did you get that hat?"

"A friend gave it to me... like it?"

"Who punched you in the eye?"

"Same friend..."

"Yo... I wanted a sports car for my birthday, not no walking trash can!"

"It's creepy, that talks that thing!"

"Make a wish, like he says."

"I wish... I wasn't in this nightmare!"

"Party ain't over yet, ya know?!"

"...'Cause I want you to use your head for something, instead of a punching bag, like I do."

"You're head doesn't look like a punching bag."

"No? That's nice, thanks a lot."

"I shoulda' slipped that one."

"We're changing. We're turning into regular people!"

"No Stallion! Maybe you think you changin! But, you can't change what you really are!"

"See, we're born with killer instinct, that you just can't turn off and on like some radio!"

"I feel like I could eat nails, Stallion."

"You will lose."

"You're all heart, Rock... Now blast this guys teeth out!"

"I must break you."

"I see three of them out there!"

"Hit the one in the middle!"

"If I can change! You can change! Everybody can change!"

Rocky 4 Review


Writers: Sylvester Stallone

Released: November 27, 1985

Movie length: 91 minutes

Cast: Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa

Talia Shire - Adrian

Burt Young - Paulie

Carl Weathers - Apollo Creed

Brigitte Nielsen - Ludmilla Vobet Drago

Tony Burton - Duke

Michael Pataki - Nicoli Koloff

Dolph Lundgren - Captain Ivan Drago

Stu Nahan - Commentator #1

R.J. Adams - Sports Announcer

Al Bandiero - American Commentator #2

Dominic Barto - Russian Government Official

Danial Brown - Rocky Jr.'s Friend

James Brown - The Godfather of Soul

Rose Mary Campos - Maid

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