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"Nobody owes nobody nothin!"

"You ain't down, and you ain't a loser. You're just a jealous, lazy bum."

"To fight a creature like this, you gotta have about a hundred pounds of brain damage!"

"You're wearin' your anatomy out for charity. Nobody else does this much for charity."

"Bob Hope would."

"...That's true."

"For all my love slaves out there! Thunder Lips is here!"

"The ultimate man versus the ultimate meatball!"

"What do ya think he eats?"

"About two hundred and two pounds."

"... Weighing two hundred and two pounds! The reigning champion of the world, Rocky Balboa!"

"Thunderlips... has gone absolutely berserk!"

"Blastoff meatball!"

"You know... sometimes charity really hurts."

"And what happened to Goldilocks?"

"Ahh... What happened? I'm not exactly sure..."

"Busted for trespassing, got thirty days in the clink."

"Hey Balboa, you bum! You finished! You thru! You washed up!! I'm the baddest in the world!"

"Dead meat!"

"Eye of the tiger, man!"

"I don't sweat you..."

"Hey Pauli, don't get mentally alright!"

"Can he swim?"

"With a name like Rock?"

"I pity the fool!"

"What's your prediction for the fight?"


"Yes, prediction."


"Hey fool! You ready for another beatin!?"

Rocky 3 Review

Director: Sylvester Stallone

Writers: Sylvester Stallone

Released: May 28, 1982

Movie length: 99 minutes

Cast: Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa

Talia Shire - Adrianna "Adrian" Pennino Balboa

Burt Young - Paulie

Carl Weathers - Apollo Creed

Burgess Meredith - Mickey Goldmill

Tony Burton - Duke

Mr. T - Clubber Lang

Hulk Hogan - Thunderlips

Ian Fried - Rocky Junior

Al Silvani - Al

Wally Taylor - Clubber Lang's manager

Jim Hill - Sportscaster

Don Sherman - Andy

Dennis James - Wrestling commentator

Jim Healy - Wrestling commentator

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