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"What a sorry sight, what a tragedy! Crowds are ransacking the streets of Montreal. St. Catherine street is being looted. We might not be able to broadcast the end of the game, which was interrupted after the first period!"

"Forty three wins in forty six games... That's a season you'll always be proud of. You'll crow that for an entire season. Ten punks from Lafontaine Park terrorized the junior league. But believe me, every time you start to brag, people will ask you; did you win the finals? Right now, it's no. You have two minutes to change the outcome. This is about who you are!"

"You're not very chatty."

"I don't make small talk."

"The army rejected you. The RCAF don't even want you as cannon fodder. Think the Habs will sign you?"

"I'm here to win, not finish close second, not put on a good show. I don't even care about team spirit. I need players who hate to lose!"

"You married a... player with the Canadiens."

"I'd like to toast to '#15', the 'Comet'!"

"Dick, we signed a lemon."

"I've never seen another player go to the net like he does. Nobody can take the puck away from him."

"They call you the 'Rocket'."

"Because the way you're playing, we haven't got a snowball's chance in hell of winning. You 'Frenchies' are all alike. It is in your blood! You are nothing but a cowardly, no-spunk, no-stiff-upper-lip, chicken droppings!"

"I've seen many battles. I saw Armstrong KO Eddy Shore... and 'Peg' Cleghorn, one of the meanest players in history. In fifty scraps, this is the first time I've seen a player knock out his adversary with one punch. Maurice has given a severe lesson to the guy called 'The Killer'."

"I'm very proud of this forty fifth goal. I set a record that, I believe brings honor to all French Canadians."

"Check you skates for cement. Some thing's got to be slowing you down. Maybe you're too old. Maybe we can fix you up with walker. Put some little blades on it. Or we can ask the youngsters to help yo skate around. I don't wanna see Maurice tonight, I want the Rocket!"

"I've been a fan for thirty years. I've owned the team for twelve. You scored the greatest goal I ever saw. I'll never forget."

"It's all true, but it's not up to you."

"Things have to change! ... Things have to change!"

"We're all trying to change things."

I will not apologize. Why cannot Maurice Richard give his opinion!?"

"You do as you want, Maurice. But I'll tell you one thing: If you choose not to retract, it'll be the worst decision you've ever made. Because you're a great hockey player, the best I've ever seen. But if you're no longer in the NHL, in a year's time, no one will give a shit what you think. Or what you write. You're a hockey player, play hockey."

Maurice... I've written the letter for you. ... If you don't sign it, don't bother coming to Chicago."

"There you go, boys. Read what Boston thinks about les Canadiens.... I'm gunna give you two, so you really know just how much they hate you down there."

"You're the Babe Ruth of hockey."

"I wanted to tell you that, uh... I always felt I need to win. And I know that you needed to win just as bad. And that's why I pulled all the crazy stuff and... I pushed you really hard. And I just wanna say that, uh... I hope there are no hard feelings. Because you are the... greatest hockey player there will ever be."

"Don't quit. If you're tired you can retire next year. But not now. All eyes are on you."

"For a 'little barber' who doesn't know much... you're not bad."

"My dear friends, I've always played passionately. I had problems in Boston. And was suspended. I'm sad not to be joining my teammates in the play-offs. I must think about Montreal fans, and the Canadiens players, who are my best friends. I ask fans not to cause any more trouble, and to stand behind the Canadiens, so they beat the Rangers and Detroit this weekend. We can still win the Cup. I accept my punishment. And... I will be back next season to help my team, and its younger players to win the Stanley Cup."

"'Maurice Richard played for five more years, during which the Canadiens won five consecutive Stanley Cups.'"

The Rocket Review

Director: Charles Biname

Writers: Ken Scott

Released: April 21, 2006

Movie length: 124 minutes

Cast: René Arbour - Bob Filion

Sean Avery - Bob Dill

Michel Barrette - Père Norchet

Pat Bragoli - Hockey player

Rick Bramucci - Bodyguard

Tony Calabretta - Frank Selke

Normand Chouinard - Michel Normandin

Philip Craig - Tommy Gorman

Larry Day - Boston Cop #1

Christian De Blois - Hockey player

Simon Deblois - Hockey player

Tedd Dillon - Clarence Campbell

André-Sébastien Dorion - Referee

Paul Doucet - Camil Desroches

Pascal Dupuis - Milt Schmidt

Roy Dupuis - Maurice Richard

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