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"Harlem has always meant freedom, to me. And, a little bit more..."

"My memories are here. I'm staying put."

"That was no music. That was noise. We had music."

"I've never met people so full of human kindness."

"We're not without our own divides."

"So, don't you let nobody tell you that we were not there. We were there. Oh yes... we were there."

"I am a part of American history. This is my land. I defended. And hundred and sixty black men on the USS Mason defended it, too. Proudly we served. And I want that acknowledged."

"Revenge is so sweet..."

"Let's not go for that 'eye for an eye territory', that leaves both people blind. All my life, I avoided letting hate take me over. You do that? And they win the war."

"Charles and me, always had to lock horns."

"I am... we are blessed."

Proud Review

Director: Mary Pat Kelly

Writers: Mary Pat Kelly

Released: 2004

Movie length: 87 minutes

Cast: Reggie Austin - Dubois

Vernel Bagneris - Larry's Father

Marcus Chait - Lieutenant Westin

Michael Ciesla - Yeoman Of The Flagship

Ossie Davis - Lorenzo DuFau

Eric LaRay Harvey - Kevin/James Graham

Rashad Haughton - Hank Fields

Janet Hubert-Whitten - Larry's Mother

Albert Jones - Larry/Young Lorenzo DuFau

Kidada Jones - Gordon's sister

Jeffrey Nash - Marcus/Gordon Buchanan

Denise Nicholas - Gordon's Mother

Edward O'Blenis Jr. - Watkins

Aidan Quinn - Commodore Alfred Lind

Stephen Rea - Barney Garvey

Michael Scott - Captain Blackford

Keisha Whitaker - Collette

Darnell Williams - Thomas Young

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