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"See you ain't found no game yet..."

"I didn't know the city paid you to be in my business."

"Well let me get the iron out, and iron out this wrinkle with you, right now."

"Watch the fro, bro! Watch the fro!"

"Twenty bucks says I dust your old ass off on a race."

"My fifty to your twenty; says Negro please."

"Hey Elston, why don't you come and swim with us?"

"The gym where I come from, we swim naked. And I don't want to embarrass anybody."

"You know pride is before a crash."

"You're your own worst enemy. You got so much potential. But you ain't gunna do none of it, because you won't get out of your own way."

"If Hakim stays in school... He stays in the pool."

"See, we've been chasin'... dreams for many, many years. But tomorrow, you'll all get an opportunity to fulfill some of those dreams. You and the letters that stand for this place. Stand for 'PDR'." But what does it mean to us? Pride, determination and resilience."

Pride Review

Director: Sunu Gonera

Writers: Kevin Michael Smith, Michael Gozzard, J. Mills Goodloe and Norman Vance Jr.

Released: March 23, 2007

Movie length: 104 minutes

Cast: Terrence Howard - Jim Ellislis

Bernie Mac - Elston

Kimberly Elise - Sue Davis

Tom Arnold - Bink

Brandon Fobbs - Puddin Head

Alphonso McAuley - Walt

Regine Nehy - Willie

Nate Parker - Hakim

Kevin Phillips - Andre

Scott Reeves - Jake

Evan Ross - Reggie

Gary Anthony Sturgis - Franklin

Jesse Moore - Artrell

Carol Sutton - Ophelia

Tony Bentley - Race Official (UOFB)

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