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"If they cannot find the truth. What is our hope of justice?"

"I didn't practice law... until I was ten."

"Just catch me a bad guy!"

"You're a class 'A' fuck up, you know!?"

"Rusty... a guy as tough as you are, still hangin' on to the shreds of your ideals."

"Those shreds, are all I got."

"Shoot... in my neighborhood, had Mr. Sabich come from those parts... ? He would of said 'yo mama.'"

"Perhaps we can all learn something from red herrings, and scape goats."

Presumed Innocent Review

Director: Alan J. Pakula

Writers: Frank Peirson and Alan J. Pakula

Released: July 27, 1990

Movie length: 127 minutes

Cast: Harrison Ford - Rusty Sabich

Brian Dennehy - Raymond Horgan

Raul Julia - Sandy Stern

Bonnie Bedelia - Barbara Sabich

Paul Winfield - Judge Larren Lyttle

Greta Scacchi - Carolyn Polhemus

John Spencer - Det. Lipranzer

Joe Grifasi - Tommy Molto

Tom Mardirosian - Nico Della Guardia

Anna Maria Horsford - Eugenia

Sab Shimono - 'Painless' Kumagai

Bradley Whitford - Jamie Kemp

Christine Estabrook - Lydia 'Mac' MacDougall

Michael Tolan - Mr. Polhemus

Madison Arnold - Sgt. Lionel Kenneally

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