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"What do you need us for?"

"Because, some damn fool accused you of being the best..."

"C.I.A, got you pushing to many pencils!? Huh!?"

"Damn good to see you, Dutch."

"What is this fucking tie business?"

"We are a rescue team, not assassins!"

"Who's our back up?"

"No such thing, old buddy. This is a one way ticket. Once we cross that border... we're on our own."

"This is getting better by the minute..."

"This stuff will make you a goddamned sexual Tyrannosaurus!"

"...Ain't no way for no soldier to die."

"Pay back time..."

"You're ghostin' us muthafucker... I don't care who you are back in the world. You give our position one more time? I'll bleed you. Real quiet. And leave you here... Got that?"

"Stick around."

"You're bleeding, man."

"I ain't got time to bleed."

"I seen some bad ass bush before, but nothin' like this."

"I hear ya. This shit's somethin. Makes Cambodia look like Kansas."

"What's got Billy so spooked?"

"Can't say mention... Been actin' squirrelly all mornin. That damn nose of his... It's weird."

"What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"There's something in those trees."

"Come on in fuckers. Come on in... 'Old Painless' is waiting!"

"She says... the jungle came alive and took him..."

"There is something out there waiting for us. And it ain't no man... We're all gunna die."

"Here we are again bro... Just you and me. Same kind of moon, same kind of jungle. Real number ten, remember... Whole platoon, thirty two men chopped into meat... We walk out, just you and me, nobody else. Right on top, huh? Not a scratch... Not a fuckin' scratch. You know who ever got you. They'll come back again. And when he does I'm gonna cut your name, right into him... I'm gunna cut your name, right into him!!"

"If it bleeds, we can kill it..."

"When I was little, we found a man. He looked like ... like, butchered. The old woman in the village crossed themselves... and whispered crazy things, strange things. 'El Diablo cazador de hombres.' Only in the hottest years, this happens. And this year, it grows hot. We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins... and sometimes much, much worse. 'El cazador trofeo de los hombres' means the demon, who makes trophies of men."

"Bleed bastard..."

"You're one ugly muther fucker!"

"What the hell are you?"

"What the hell are YOU?"

Predator Review

Director: John McTiernan

Writers: Jim Thomas and John Thomas

Released: June 12, 1987

Movie length: 107 minutes

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger - Dutch

Carl Weathers - Dillon

Elpidia Carrillo - Anna

Bill Duke - Mac

Jesse Ventura - Blain

Sonny Landham - Billy

Richard Chaves - Poncho

R.G. Armstrong - General Phillips

Shane Black - Hawkins

Kevin Peter Hall - The Predator/Helicopter Pilot

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