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"I'm gunna have a chat with these assholes."

"Sintele... Sintele... Come and get it, the Scorpio is waiting..."

"So, what happened to the Scorpio?"

"Ahh... he's out front having lunch."

"Don't let this get out Field, but its a fuckin' war down here!"

"'Cooperation' is my middle name... I'll see you around."

"That's guy's the lone ranger? I thought he was here to fix the air conditioning."

"I'll tell you what I believe... shit happens!"

"Who the hell is King Willy!?"

"Loosen your sphincters, we don't need any rush hour Rambos there!"

"You one ugly mutha!"

"Ok, pussy face... its your move."

"Herb wake up! There's somebody in the bathroom!"

"Its alright, I'm a cop."

"... I don't think he gives a shit."

Predator 2 Review

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Writers: Jim Thomas and John Thomas

Released: November 21, 1990

Movie length: 108 minutes

Cast: Kevin Peter Hall - The Predator

Danny Glover - Lieutenant Mike Harrigan

Gary Busey - Peter Keyes

Rubén Blades - Danny Archuleta

Maria Conchita Alonso - Leona Cantrell

Bill Paxton - Jerry Lambert

Robert Davi - Captain Phil Heinemann

Adam Baldwin - Garber

Kent McCord - Captain B. Pilgrim

Morton Downey Jr. - Tony Pope

Calvin Lockhart - King Willie

Steve Kahan - Sergeant

Henry Kingi - El Scorpio

Corey Rand - Ramon Vega

Elpidia Carrillo - Anna

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