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"You know what a go-go dance is?"

"Useless talent number twelve?"

"No. It's a happy dance. You get up there and you dance happy. You go-go, not cry-cry."

"I also want your balls."

"I'm really quite attached to'em."

"Oh balls!"

"Now that's a rump roast!"

"Eh... say a prayer for your old man? No dead bodies for Da-da tonight."

"No dead bodies for Dad tonight, amen."

"It looks like a no brainer."

"What does that mean?"

"No brain. Scooped clean out of her skull."

"No don't touch him!"

"Why not?"

"He's infected."

"With what?"


"Try not to shoot yourselves. Don't shoot each other. And especially... don't shoot me."

"I think I nailed it. Holy shit, I think I finally cracked it! I finally found my... my award winnin' barbecue sauce!"

"Your blood's in it."

"Goddamn it, he's right."

"Hello baby... I'm gunna eat your brains, and gain your knowledge."

"Give him the gun Tolo. Give him that gun... Give him all the guns."

"That boy's got the devil in him."

"I'm Cherry."

"You sure are..."

"Wait... you killed Bin Laden?"

"I put two in his heart. One in his computer."

"I have seen me some crazy ass shit in my day. But I have never seen me a one legged stripper. I've seen me a stripper with one breast. And I've seen me a stripper with twelve toes. And I've seen me a stripper with no brains at all, but I've never seen me a one legged stripper."

"Two against the world..."

"I'm like you said I would be. I find the lost. The weary. Those that have no hope. I find them... and I lead them. To a land we've made for ourselves. The land by the sea... It's beautiful. She's beautiful. I wish you could see us. Us two. It's like you said it would be... two against the world, baby. Two against the world."

Planet Terror Review

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writers: Robert Rodriguez

Released: June 21, 2007

Movie length: 105 minutes (international version) 95 minutes (original release)

Cast: Rose McGowan - Cherry Darling

Freddy Rodríguez - El Wray

Josh Brolin - Dr. William Block

Marley Shelton - Dr. Dakota Block

Jeff Fahey - J.T. Hague

Michael Biehn - Sheriff Hague

Rebel Rodriguez - Tony Block

Bruce Willis - Lt. Muldoon

Naveen Andrews - Abby

Julio Oscar Mechoso - Romey

Stacy Ferguson - Tammy

Nicky Katt - Joe

Hung Nguyen - Dr. Crane

Cecilia Conti - Paramedic #1

Tommy Nix - Paramedic #2

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