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"I guess people take their computers with them everywhere these days."

"Security blanket."

"Lucky blanket."

"My hard drive is now officially my only source of memory."

"Someone who thinks it's a bit hypocritical, that for the past two years you've tried to limit the civil rights of gay individuals, being a gay individual yourself."

Get this Miles, tomorrows headline: FREE PRESS DEAD!"

"We're supposed to be covering the news, not covering it up!"

"Classic... powerful men protecting powerful men!"

"This is not the first time you've shut me down. But this is definetely the last, so you tell Kolski, 'keep his paid vacation', because I fuckin'quit!"

"All it takes to committ a murder are the right ingredients, at the right time."

"Terry couldn't find his ass, with both hands and his ass!"

"Eat, or be eaten."

"That would be Josey."

"Or, if you get on her bad side; Cu-Josey"

"He may look unlucky in love, he recently nailed Kim Rowlins; sales. The giant standing by the shrimp. Corporate America, ain't it grand?"

"He's now got this gorgeous Amazonian woman that does all the dirty work."

"That's motive on a big stick."

"Anything I can help with?"

"Nope. Ahh... not unless data entry turns you on."

"You know what? Surprisingly... it doesn't."

"Hey... this what you want me to believe? That you came in here... for this list?"


""Ok... Well, you're fired. Because I... don't want to take you dinner as your boss. Maybe I'll rehire you in the morning, or maybe after dessert. You can tell me all about this crush you have on the boss."

"What are you doing in this room?"

"Well, I heard my voice coming from your computer."

"It starts with a quiet hum, an empty screen inviting you, 'come inside' it says, 'we're always open'. It's a world you think, where actions have no consequence, Where guilt is cloaked by anonymity. Where there are no fingerprints. An invisible universe, filled with strangers interconnected online and disconnected in life. It will steal your secrets, corrupt your dreams, and co-opt your identity. Because in this world, where you can be anything you want. Anyone you want... You just might lose sight of who your are.

Pefect Stranger Review

Director: James Foley

Writers: Todd Komarnicki

Released: April 13, 2007

Movie length: 109 / 105 (cut version)

Cast: Halle Berry - Rowena Price

Bruce Willis - Harrison Hill

Giovanni Ribisi - Miles Haley

Richard Portnow - Narron

Gary Dourdan - Cameron

Florencia Lozano - Lieutenant Tejada

Nicki Aycox - Grace

Kathleen Chalfant - Elizabeth Clayton

Gordon MacDonald - Senator Sachs

Daniella Van Graas - Josie

Paula Miranda - Mia Hill

Patti D'Arbanville - Esmeralda

Clea Lewis - Gina

Tamara Feldman - Bethany

Gerry Becker - Jon Kirshenbaum

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