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"Six hundred years before Columbus, North America was invaded by ruthless marauders intent on settling its shores. Something stopped them. What follows is the legend."

"We are the 'People of the Dawn'. This land has been our home for countless generations. There is a prophecy, that tells of a creature swift afoot. White as snow. When he is seen, change follows... like a storm."

"His skin. His eyes... like some kind of evil Spirit that has never seen the sun... A demon."

"He is not a demon. He is a boy."

"Blood runs true, he will turn into a monster."

"You are still haunted by the demons of your past. Until you face them, you will never know who you really are."

"Then I will find my own path."

"Even though they are savages, they should be treated with honor. Death by the blade!"

"What will you do?"

"Kill as many as I can."

"And after?"

"There will be no after."

"He must find his own way. His heart is full of vengeance."

"I will find her! Bring her back! And I'll dragon eat his head!"

"Have you had enough of your vengeance yet?"

"Take my path... and I will take yours."

"I'm dying..."

"Don't complain to me about it. Anyway, you can't die yet. You're not done. This... is for the next Pathfinder."


"You already know."

"I am the last of your kind in this cursed land."

"You're not my kind..."

"The Spirit of the prophecy has come full circle."

"Like my father before me, I became the Pathfinder to the 'People of the Dawn'."

"He had found his path. Of two people's, he was neither. Yet, he was both. He changed my life. And the destiny of our people."

Pathfinder Review

Director: Marcus Nispel

Writers: Laeta Kalogridis and Nils Gaup

Released: April 13, 2007

Movie length: 99 / 107 minutes (unrated DVD version)

Cast: Karl Urban - Ghost

Russell Means - Pathfinder

Moon Bloodgood - Starfire

Jay Tavare - Blackwing

Clancy Brown - Gunnar

Nathaniel Arcand - Wind in Tree

Ralf Moeller - Ulfar

Kevin Loring - Jester

Wayne Charles Baker - Indian Father

Burkely Duffield - Ghost – 12 Years Old

Ray G. Thunderchild - Elder #1

Duane Howard - Elder #2

Brandon Oakes - Elder #3

Alain Hudon - Elder #4

Cyler Point - Indian Boy – 7 Years Old

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