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"A week ago, the only thing I thought that was out of the ordinary was that it was my birthday..."

"I'd like two words on my tombstone: What if."

"The only thing I recall is the name; Fingerling. I wished it was mine. And now it is."

"When I tell Fabritzia about the suicide blond, she begs me to take her to the apartment. Her reaction is pure Fabritzia... Death and sex."

"She didn't understand. Which was fine, because neither did I. All I know is... a number had gone after suicide blond, Isabelle Lydia Hunt. And now it was coming after me."

"Ned just isn't a dog. He's 'The Guardian of the Dead'."

"Chapter 23. You can call me Fingerling. My real name is Walter... Walter O. Sparrow."

"I once read, that the only philosophical question that matters, is whether or not to commit suicide. I guess that makes me a philosopher."

The Number 23 Review

Director: Joel Schmacher

Writers: Fernley Phillips

Released: February 12, 2007

Movie length: 98 / 95 minutes

Cast: Jim Carrey Walter Sparrow/Fingerling

Virginia Madsen - Agatha Sparrow/Fabrizia

Logan Lerman - Robin Sparrow

Danny Huston- Isaac French/Dr. Miles Phoenix

Lynn Collins - Suicide Blonde/Mrs. Dobkins/Young Fingerling's Mother

Rhona Mitra - Laura Tollins

Michelle Arthur - Sybil

Mark Pellegrino - Kyle Finch

Paul Butcher - Young Fingerling/Young Walter

David Stifel - Hotel Clerk

Corey Stoll - Sergeant Burns

Ed Lauter - Father Sebastian

Troy Kotsur - Barnaby

Walter Soo Hoo - Chinese Restaurant Owner

Patricia Belcher - Dr. Alice Mortimer

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