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"He was our fourth president, right?"

"Twenty sixth."

"Control your young! Please!"

"Huh!? Where is he? I'll beat him with my fist!"

"He looks like a weirdy!"

"Now listen lunch box... don't try anything funny!"

"Did I get you good?! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Ya... you got me."

"Seriously though no fooling around in here! This stuff's really old."

"Are you crackin' wise? I oughta punch you in the nose, hopscotch!"

"You do dum-dum! You give me gum-gum!"

"Sheeah... ok. You know what? I have no gum-gum. Sorry. And my name isn't dum-dum, it's Larry."

"No, your name dum-dum. Oh... you in trouble dum-dum. You better run run. From Atilla the Hun Hun. See you later dum-dum!"

"Dewey? Is that your name... Dewey?"

"Do you have an issue with me? Huh? Do you have an issue with me? 'Cause if I... if I have a problem with someone I don't pee on them. Ok? Alright!?"

"Fire up the iron horse boys!"

"There is the source of all this commotion: the tablet of 'Ahkmenrah.'"

"Nothing is impossible. If it can be dreamed, it can be done."

"There is a twenty foot jackal staring at you right now. Don't make eye contact."

"Your job is to make sure everyone stays inside the museum. Because if the sun rises and anyone's on the outside... we turn to dust."

"I'm gunna shoot you in the eye! Your dadgum eye!"

"If that's what you want some sort of battle of humor? Do you?"

"No... I don't. No I don't want a battle of humor."

"No problemo gigantor!"

"Good lord Lawrence, why are you slappin' the monkey!?"

"I am Ahkmenrah. Fourth king of the fourth king. Ruler of the land of my father's."

"Uh-ah... I am Larry. Son of Milton and ah... this is my son; Nick. We hail from Brooklyn."

"Larry relax, I'm wax."

"Hey moose! It's not gunna happen buddy. Alright? I told you three times you can't come through those doors with those antlers. So you and your caribou buddy, you all gotta go around to the loading dock."

"A little hot wax and I'm a new man!"

"You saw what he did just then!"

"Who's evolved?"

"I am."

"Who's evolved?"

"I am."


"I'm the night watch man at the Museum of Natural History. Let me tell you somethin'... that's when history comes alive."

Night At The Museum Review

Director: Shawn Levy

Writers: Ben Grant and Thomas Lennon

Released: December 22, 2006

Movie length: 108 minutes

Cast: Ben Stiller - Larry Daley

Carla Gugino - Rebecca

Dick Van Dyke - Cecil

Mickey Rooney - Gus

Bill Cobbs - Reginald

Jake Cherry - Nick Daley

Ricky Gervais - Dr. McPhee

Robin Williams - Teddy Roosevelt

Kim Raver - Erica Daley

Patrick Gallagher - Attila the Hun

Rami Malek - Ahkmenrah

Pierfrancesco Favino - Christopher Columbus

Charles Q. Murphy - Taxi Driver

Steve Coogan - Octavius

Mizuo Peck - Sacajawea

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