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"You're out of your mind!"

"What's your point?"

"You go do it! Don't forget, I'll be watching you..."

"Who are you?"

"I'm the guy... who's gunna kill your daughter, if you don't get movin."

"We'll do a little grip and grin.."

"It's a load my friend, but somebody's got to carry it."

"What we have here, is what they call a 'Mexican stand off.'"

"Have a cracker, Mr. Watson."

"You got spunk!"

"I killed him. He fucked up, one too many times. So I put a bullet in his eye. Then, I put two more into him just to make sure. Now, that was somebody I loved, I loved him... But, I got the call, I put him down, like a sick animal."

"I'll make gravy out of your little girl."

"Hurry up, 'Godzilla's' comin!"

"I love it when pistoleeros talk about trust."

"I got a killer headache, and siesta hair!"

"A bleeding heart makes a very big target..."

"Just think of me, as the 'Moses' of dirty windshields, leading you through the desert of dead bugs."

Nick Of Time Review

Director: John Badham

Writer: Patrick Sheane Duncan

Released: November 22, 2005

Movie length: 90 minutes

Cast: Johnny Depp - Gene Watson

Courtney Chase - Lynn Watson

Charles S. Dutton - Huey

Christopher Walken - Mr. Smith

Roma Maffia - Ms. Jones

Marsha Mason - Gov. Eleanor Grant

Peter Strauss - Brendan Grant

Gloria Reuben - Krista Brooks

Bill Smitrovich - Officer Trust

G.D. Spradlin - Mystery Man

Yul Vazquez - Gustino

Edith Diaz - Irene

Armando Ortega - Hector

C.J. Bau - Mixologist

Cynthena Sanders - Beverage Server

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