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"Did somebody say spooky?"

"I'm not a god, I can't see everyone's future. Only my own. And only within two minutes."

"Here's the thing about the future. Every time you look at it, it changes. Because you looked at it. And that changes everything else."

"It will..."

"What will?"

"Your luck. It's gunna change."

"What are you a leprechaun?"

"Did you hear the joke about the Zen master who ordered the hot dog?"


"He said he'd have one with everything."

"If you can help them, why don't you?"

"Because I can't. I can only give them a two minute head start, and that's if my life is personally involved."

"But with me you can see further."

"Ya... but they don't know that."

"If you could just be quiet and do exactly what I say... I'll save your life."

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Director: Lee Tamahori

Writers: Gary Goldman, Jonathan Hensleigh, Paul Bembaum and Philip K. Dick

Released: April 27, 2007

Movie length: 96 minutes

Cast: Nicolas Cage - Cris

Julianne Moore - Callie Ferris

Jessica Biel - Liz

Thomas Kretschmann - Mr. Smith

Tory Kittles - Cavanaugh

José Zúñiga - Security Chief Roybal

Jim Beaver - Wisdom

Jason Butler Harner - Jeff Baines

Michael Trucco - Kendall

Enzo Cilenti - Mr. Jones

Laetitia Danielle - Miss Brown

Nicolas Pajon - Mr. Green

Sergej Trifunovic - Mr. White

Charles Chun - Davis

Patricia Prata - Showgirl

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