Movies Are Masterpieces to Me

Why does anyone watch a movie? People have different reasons for that but, for me movies are a way of switching myself off. It makes me stop my constant movement, my running errands and chores, and takes me into another world. It makes me relax and removes me from nitty gritty of our everyday life.

That’s why I watch movies. Naturally then, my choice of movies would be something to lighten my mood so my pick is comedy. I love comedy movies to bits. They always lift up my spirits and no matter how down and depressed I am, by the end of the movie, my mood is elevated and I always feel better.

My all time favorite are Jerry Lewis movies. He was a brilliant actor and is a legend in cinema. I can watch his movies over and over again! Currently and for a long time now, my hot favorite has been Eddie Murphy. The guy is simply too good….he can turn himself into such a variety of characters, it’s amazing!!!! I think he is extremely talented and God-gifted.

I hate sad movies because although, they are made in an excellent way, I feel that there is already so much sorrow in this world, why see more of it????I know friends who always come out of theatres with wet eyes, sniffling away!!! Is it worth it? If you just open the newspaper, you will find at least 10 articles that will make you cry. And those will all be real, too!

I have my own reasons for banning horror movies. They can really play tricks in the minds of those who live alone, like poor ol’me!!! I am dead against them. If I ever do end up watching them on great insistence of a friend, my sleep for the next two nights is gone….its an uphill task to even go to the bathroom late night. That’s why I avoid horror movies like the plague!

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