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"Alonzo... can't talk, we're in the middle of a deal right now."

"That is hand we have been dealt at eleven forty seven o'clock on Saturday night. Now I don't know what case you guys have him on but whatever it is; it is going bad. And it sounds like it is going bad right now."

"You got the green. You got the goods. We party."

"They said they wouldn't hurt him. Man..."

"They lied."

"They discovered my guys were undercover and we don't know how."

"That's the sound of the air rippin', fillin' the vacuum created by your departed body."

"Why is this happening to me!?"

"Because you lead a life of crime."

"Can't do time, don't mess with crime."

"Why do I get the feeling everyone knows we're here fifteen blocks out?"

"'Cause everyone knows we're here fifteen blocks out."

"Who the fuck knows you!?"

"Well, my Mommy and Daddy know me. We don't talk about who we work with."

"We're not here to audition for business. Business audition's for us."

"Red light, green light, Jose?"

"In return for the risks we took in recovering your loan, allow me to buy you a drink."

"You makin' moves on Montoya's women?"


"Did not make the moves on her..."

"We were makin' moves on each other."

"I will never doubt you."

"You like clubs?"

"Oh ya... I'm a disco guy."

"Once I had a fortune. It said; 'Leave now. Life is short. Time is luck.'"

"Things go wrong? The odds catch up. Probability is like gravity. You cannot negotiate with gravity."

"Let's take it to the limit one more time..."

Miami Vice Review

Director: Michael Mann

Writers: Michael Mann and Anthony Yerkovich

Released: July 28, 2006

Movie length: 134 minutes

Cast: Colin Farrell - Sonny Crockett

Jamie Foxx - Ricardo Tubbs

Li Gong - Isabella

Naomie Harris - Trudy Joplin

Ciarán Hinds - FBI Agent Fujima

Justin Theroux - Zito

Barry Shabaka Henley - Castillo

Luis Tosar - Montoya

John Ortiz - Jose Yero

Elizabeth Rodriguez - Gina Calabrese

Domenick Lombardozzi - Switek

Eddie Marsan - Nicholas

Isaach De Bankolé - Neptune

John Hawkes - Alonzo Stevens

Tom Towles - Coleman

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