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"Soon all of your appliances will talk to each other. You'll get on the scale and the scale will go... 'I've talked to the microwave.'"

"The general public is frustrated with the polarization of the political parties, and lack of accountability!"

"In the bowels of the building, something else was about to take place..."

"There's no pop zing, there's no boomf!"

"You talk about politics without comedy, it's like wanting to get laid, and forgetting to bring along the woman."

"It's like the comic who gets to play Carnegie Hall, but shows up and plays the violin."

"All I remember, is Nixon sweating like Elizabeth Taylor after a Mexican meal."

"I was in the circus."

"No way."

"Yes. I used to shave elephants... not kidding, they grow these big beards in the wild, they rub it on trees. In the circus you shave'em with a blow torch. One of those pump things. The gasoline, you throw it all over their face."

"How long have you been smoking?"

"Since I was seven."

"This guy smiles so much, its starting to upset me."

"Who gives a shit what talking heads think different is good. When I first saw you I liked you 'cause you were different. No? Ya!"

"When I was a young boy, I used to look at pictures of naked ladies. Hence, my right hand is very strong. I touched myself more than the third base coach. Seventeen years old, I beat up a guy. When I was twenty one, I went to a prostitute. It was so bad she actually gave me a refund. I once had a blind date I left in the theater. I felt so bad I married her, that's my ex-wife who I'm not on good terms with. Ah... I just farted a little while back there, for anybody who wanted to ask."

"We'll give you Viagra, but we won't pay for glasses. So you can have a hard on, but you can't see where to put it."

"Ding-Dong... Ready for your pina-colonic?"

"At least you didn't go gently into the good night."

"What do you think of gay marriage? He said, I think gays have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us."

"Whoa... whoa... wait a minute, we may have a problem here. I like it crispy. I like a nice crunchy skin."

"I'm a producer. I've produced a lot of turkeys."

"She could tell ya Ghandi ate hot dogs, you'd believe her."

"I mean they elected an Italian porn star to their senate, which is wonderful. There is no sex scandal there, just great posters and incredible downloads."

"I love the buckled shoe though, you know its part pimp, part pilgrim. You can either that to get off the Mayflower, or have four girls in a Cadillac."

"If they throw their panties on the stage for me, it's basically because they want them fluffed and folded, and back by Friday."

"For those of you who are actually thinking of getting breast implants, something new I want you to try. A lot of people get the large ones, those are lovely. Do something new for your boyfriend... put in a squeak toy."

"Politicians are a lot like diapers, they should be changed frequently, and for the same reason."

Man Of The Year Review

Director: Barry Levinson

Writers: Barry Levinson

Released: October 13, 2006

Movie length: 115 minutes

Cast: Robin Williams - Tom Dobbs

Christopher Walken - Jack Menken

Laura Linney - Eleanor Green

Lewis Black - Eddie Langston

Jeff Goldblum - Alan Stewart

David Alpay - Danny

Faith Daniels - Moderator

Tina Fey - Herself

Amy Poehler - Herself

Doug Murray - Mathias

Chris Matthews - News Anchor #1

James Carville - Political Commentator #1

Rick Roberts - Hemmings

Karen Hines - Alison McAndrews

Linda Kash - Jenny Adams

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