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"You like to bleed..."

"So when do we do this."

"It all depends, when do you want to die? Tomorrow... the day after tomorrow?"

"How bout' tonight, bitch?"

"Splendid. Where?"

"There's a baseball diamond where I coach little league about a mile from here. We meet there about two-thirty in the morning, dressed all in black. Your hair in a black stalking. We have us a knife fight. We won't be bothered. Now...I have to fix Nicky's cereal."

"Goo-oood gravy marine!"

"This is the work of a solid dog."

"You saw that with your own beautiful blue eye."

"Silly Caucasian girl like to play with samurai swords."

"You may not be able to fight like a samurai. But you can at least die like a samurai."

"They'll all soon be dead as a red."

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Kill Bill Review

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Writers: Quentin Tarantino & Uma Thurman

Released: October 10, 2003

Movie length: 111 minutes

Cast: Uma Thurman - The Bride

Lucy Liu - O-Ren Ishii

Vivica A. Fox - Vernita Green

Daryl Hannah - Elle Driver

David Carradine - Bill

Michael Madsen - Budd

Julie Dreyfus - Sofie Fatale

Chiaki Kuriyama - Gogo Yubari

Sonny Chiba - Hattori Hanzo

Chia Hui Liu - Johnny Mo

Michael Parks - Earl McGraw

Michael Bowen - Buck

Jun Kunimura - Boss Tanaka

Kenji Ohba - Bald Guyd in Sushi Shop

Yuki Kazamatsuri - Proprietor

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