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"There goes my lunch..."

"This guy, he crossed the line. And he didn't even blink. You don't come back, from that."

"You think Warfield gives a flying fuck about you shakin' down a couple of drug dealers!? You think that's gunna get him his headlights!? He needs the big fish. He's putting the squeeze on you to get to me!"

"I spent my life doing this! My life! You're gunna... You're gunna destroy it. Like that? Why?...why?"

"It's all about small stuff. You know... small lies, small mistakes. People give themselves away; same in misdemeanors as they do in murder cases. It's just human nature."

"Are we almost done here? My naddz are freezing off!"

"We need a wild card."

"A wild card?"

"Yaa... something's that's there. Something we can use. It's in every good detective novel."

"A good cop can't sleep, because a piece of the puzzle is missing, and bad cop can't sleep, because his conscience won't let him."

"Hey Ferell, what has two thumbs and loves blow jobs? ...This guy!"

"Nobody needs to know... You didn't mean to do that, and I know that, even if you don't."

"No, don't... don't."

"What? ... Why?"

"Don't lose your way..."

Insomnia Review

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Nikolaj Frobenius & Erik Skjoldbjærg

Released: May 24, 2002

Movie length: 118 minutes

Cast: Al Pacino - Detective Will Dormer

Martin Donovan - Detective Hap Eckhart

Robin Williams - Walter FinchOliver 'Ole' Zemen - Pilot

Hilary Swank - Detective Ellie Burr

Paul Dooley - Chief Charlie Nyback

Nicky Katt - Fred Duggar

Larry Holden - Farrell

Jay Brazeau - Francis

Lorne Cardinal - Rich

James Hutson - Officer #1

Andrew Campbell - Officer #2

Paula Shaw - Coroner

Crystal Lowe - Kay Connell

Tasha Simms - Mrs. Connell

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