Indiana Jones The Last Crusade Movie Lines

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Indiana Jones The Last Crusade movie lines rating: PG-13

"You lost today kid, but that doesn't mean you have to like it."

"Small world, doctor Jones."

"Too small for two for us."

"You have your father's eyes."

"And my mothers ears, but the rest belongs to you."

"Oh, rats..."

"Nazis... I hate these guys."

"Don't call me junior!"

"I got to tell you something."

"Don't get sentimental now Dad, save it till we get out of here."

"... The floor's on fire."

"Germany has declared war on the Jones boys."

"No camels!"

"It tells me, that goose stepping morons like yourself, should try reading books instead of burning them!"

"I said no camels, that's five camels, can't you count!?"

"Where's my father?"

"They have them, in the belly of that steel beast."

Indiana Jones The Last Crusade Review

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writers: George Lucas, Philip Kaufman, Menno Meyjes and Jeffrey Boam

Released: May 24, 1989

Movie length: 127 minutes

Cast: Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones

Sean Connery - Professor Henry Jones

Denholm Elliott - Dr. Marcus Brody

Alison Doody - Dr. Elsa Schneider

John Rhys-Davies - Sallah

Julian Glover - Walter Donovan

River Phoenix - Young Indy

Michael Byrne - Vogel

Kevork Malikyan - Kazim

Robert Eddison - Grail Knight

Richard Young - Fedora

Alexei Sayle - Sultan

Paul Maxwell - Panama Hat

Isla Blair - Mrs. Donovan

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