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Hot Fuzz movie lines rating: R

"... It can get awfully hairy out there."

"Hello Nicholas, how's the hand?"

"Still a bit stiff."

"And how are things at home?"

"I'm sorry sir... ?"

"Lock me up... "

"I'm sorry?"

"I'm a slasher, and it must be stopped!"

"You're a what?!"

"A slasher... of prices. Ha ha ha..."

"She's already a police woman."

""She's not a police 'woman.'"

"Ya she is, I've seen her bra..."

"If we don't come down hard on these clowns... we're going to be up to our balls in jugglers!"

"Do you like ice cream?"

"Sorry sir, I don't follow..."

"Let's just say, we won't be short of 'Junkie Monkey' for the next month!"

"Ask yourself, why does he have his hat pulled down like that?"

"He's fuck ugly."

"Dad says he has a child's mind. Lives up Summer Street with his mom, and his sister."

"And are they as big as he is?"


"The mom and the sister?

"Same person..."

"You mothers!"

"What else have you got?"

"Skid marks... There were skid marks at the scene."

"By the power of Grayskull!"

"Did you find anything?"

"Ya... I was extremely shocked when I looked at my watch and discovered I should be in the pub!"

"Blower's fate was simply a result of him being... an appalling actor."

"You murdered him for that?"

"Well, he murdered Bill Shakespeare."

"What are you going to do, just walk in and arrest the whole village?"

"Not exactly."

"That's what I'm talking about."

"Well, there was the part that you missed where I distracted him with the cuddle monkey then i said "play times over" and I hit him in the head with the peace lily."

"You're up the fuckin' chain!"

"Bring the noise!"

Hot Fuzz Review

Director: Edgar Wright

Writers: Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg

Released: April 20, 2007

Movie length: 121 minutes

Cast: Simon Pegg - Nicholas Angel

Martin Freeman - Met Sergeant

Bill Nighy - Met Chief Inspector

Robert Popper - "Not" Janine

Joe Cornish - Bob

Chris Waitt - Dave

Eric Mason - Bernard Cooper

Billie Whitelaw - Joyce Cooper

Nick Frost - PC Danny Butterman

Peter Wight - Roy Porter

Julia Deakin - Mary Porter

Tom Strode Walton - Underage Drinker #1

Troy Woollan -Underage Drinker #2

Rory Lowings - Underage Drinker #3

Bill Bailey - Sergeant Turner

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