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The Hills Have Eyes 2 movie lines rating: R

"Spooky down there, isn't it? We're the first ones down there since the fifties. Maybe it's haunted. Glad it's you, and not me in there."

"Since you are not Rambo resurrected, do not charge while your head is securely up your ass. That's how innocent people get killed."

"If I had some stink on a string, you'd move real fast!"

"Where I come from, it's never good to be dead."

"Ah... Crank, you're takin' all the fun out of the afterlife."

"Shove the afterlife up your ass."

"Shut the fuck up! I said search and rescue. Not spring break!"

"Fuck! There's a hand in the shitter!"

"You are officially a bad motherfucker."

"Watch between the rocks. And your feet too."

"Why the fuck are we moving towards the weird noises?"

"Give... me... baby..."

"C'mon bitch! Ya, baby! It's all about value!"

"No fear. You come. Follow me..."

The Hills Have Eyes 2 Review

Director: Martin Weisz

Writers: Wes Craven and Jonathon Craven

Released: March 23, 2007

Movie length: 89 minutes

Cast: Cécile Breccia - Pregnant Woman

Michael Bailey Smith - Papa Hades

Archie Kao - Dr. Han

Jay Acovone - Dr. Wilson

Jeff Kober - Col. Lincoln Redding

Philip Pavel - Dr. Paul Foster

David Reynolds - Hansel

Tyrell Kemlo - Stabber

Lee Thompson Young - PFC Delmar Reed

Daniella Alonso - PFC 'Missy' Martinez

Eric Edelstein - Cpl.'Spitter' Cole

Jessica Stroup - PFC Amber Johnson

Joseph Beddelem - Insurgent

Jason Oettle - Letch

Jacob Vargas - PFC 'Crank' Medina

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