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"Bad habit, laying around with your eyes closed."

"Eh...eh... spiffy duds, huh?"

"You look like a gift wrapped turd."

"Landlady's about to pull a gauge on my ass."

"Yo... fuckin' chill, my killa gorilla!"

"I need to feel some reefer madness."

"I see dumb people."

"How are you gunna pass a lie detector test you lyin' muthafucka?"

"Ahh... damn that's easy man. At each question you just sqeeeeze like your taking a dump you know man it throws the machine off."

"You're gunna shit you're pants like that."

"I think I just did."

"Blink and die scumbags."

"Kick back, gunslinger. Loaded."

"You can twelve step off, bitch..."

Harsh Times Review

Director: David Ayer

Writers: David Ayer

Released: November 10, 2006

Movie length: 120 minutes

Cast: Christian Bale - Jim Luther Davis

Armando Cantina - Little Old Man

Freddy Rodríguez - Mike Alonzo

Eva Longoria - Sylvia

Kenneth Choi - Fujimoto

Tammy Trull - Marta

Terry Crews - Darrell

Robert Dahey - Korean Clerk

Samantha Esteban - Letty

Chaka Forman - Toussant

César García Gómez - Listo

Noel Gugliemi - Flaco

Sonia Iris Lozada - Gracie

Adriana Millan - Rita

Michael Monks - Agent Hollenbeck

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