The Hades Factor Movie Lines

The Hades Factor movie lines

The Hades Factor movie lines rating: PG

"You aren't hungry?"

"... That depends."

"You know how this works John. What we know can get us killed."

"And what we don't know will set us free."

"Just trying to prevent yourself from blowing up in little bits."

"We slip out before anyone knows we've been there."

"They tried to erase me John. If I go in there, all bets are off."

The Hades Factor Review

Director: Mick Jackson

Writers: Elwood Reid, Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds

Released: April 9, 2006

Movie length: 160 minutes

Cast: Stephen Dorff - Jon Smith

Mira Sorvino - Rachel Russel

Blair Underwood - Palmer Addison

Sophia Myles - Sophie Amsden

Danny Huston - Frank Klein

Colm Meaney - Peter Howell

Josh Hopkins - Bill Griffin

Jeffrey DeMunn - Steven Haldane

Anjelica Huston - President

Rosemary Dunsmore - Nancy Langford

Joris Jarsky - Tom Fancher

Conrad Dunn - Ghalib Hassan

Sergio Di Zio - Marty Zeller

Karen Glave - Lt. Crowthers

Jonathan Higgins - Culver

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