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"We weren't doing anything. We were just messing around..."


"You goin' to Camp Blood, ain't ya?"

"You'll never come back again."

"Shut up, Ralph."

"It's got a death curse!"

"Camp Crystal Lake is jinxed."

"Can it, Cochese."

"What did you just get off a spaceship, or somethin? Columbian gold man, grass, hash, the weed, dig it?"

"Lookin' for somebody."

"Ya... who's that?"

"A guy named Ralph. Town crazy."

"We ain't gunna stand for weirdness, out here."

"I'm a messenger of God. You're doomed if you stay here. This place is cursed. Cursed... It's got a death curse!"

"You're doomed. You're all doomed..."

"I had this dream about five or six times where we're in a thunderstorm and it's raining really hard... it sounds like pebbles when it hits the ground. I can hear it. I try to block out the sound with my hands only it doesn't work. It just keeps getting louder and louder then... the rain turns to blood, and the blood washes away in little rivers. Then, the sound stops."

"Jason was my son, and today is his birthday."

"Kill her Mommy. Kill her. Don't let her get away Mommy. Don't let her live. I won't Jason. I won't..."

"Are they all dead?"

"Yes ma'am. Two of my men pulled you out of the lake. Do you remember very much?"

"The boy. Is he dead too?"


"The boy, Jason."


"In the lake. The one who attacked me. The one who pulled me under the water!"

"But he... then he's still there. "

Friday The 13th Review

Director: Sean S. Cunningham

Writers: Victor Miller and Ron Kurz

Released: Month Day Year

Movie length: 95 minutes

Cast: Betsy Palmer - Mrs. Pamela Voorhees

Adrienne King - Alice Hardy

Harry Crosby - Bill

Laurie Bartram - Brenda

Jeannine Taylor - Marcie Cunningham

Kevin Bacon - Jack Burrell

Mark Nelson - Ned Rubenstein

Robbi Morgan - Annie

Peter Brouwer - Steve Christy

Rex Everhart - Enos the Truck Driver

Ronn Carroll - Sergeant Tierney

Ron Millkie - Officer Dorf

Walt Gorney - Crazy Ralph

Willie Adams - Barry

Debra S. Hayes - Claudette

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