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"What's the sound of a feeling?"

"Lot's of vampires out there..."

"It's just like I... suddenly snapped and I... got the gun, and I shot her in the head. I know it was wrong."

"Do you wish to enter a plea at this time?"

"Ya... not guilty, but I also want to waive my right to council, and represent myself."

"Hey, take a look at this. It's for the Glock.45 we found at the scene. Now, we got know other sign of the gun. So far, no weapon. No powder on his hand. No blood on his clothes. We found four shell casings; .45's wiped clean, no prints. That's four shots fired; four bullets missing from the case. Four shell casings on the floor with no prints on'em. And... a gun that's never been fired. The guy's screwin' with us. He's stackin' the deck."

"I'm not going to play games with you!"

"I'm afraid you have too, old sport..."

"Tell me something? Does it bother you that I call you Willy?"


"No. ... Willy."

"I'm gunna stay right where I am."

"At least for one more week."

"You look closely enough, you can find everything has a... weak spot where it can break, sooner or later."

"He just provoked my witness with an outrageous allegation!"

"My 'Dick' has evidence."

"Excuse me?"

"My 'Dick'; my private investigator. I call him 'Dick'."

"I gotta go make a case outta' nothin..."

"Could you sit outside the courtroom, 'cause I might call you? And if I do, just hang up. Come inside and whisper something in my ear about... finding the murder weapon."

"You found it...

I haven't decided that yet."

"Even a broken clock gets to be right, twice a day."

Fracture Review

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Writers: Daniel Pyne and Glenn Gers

Released: April 20, 2007

Movie length: 113 minutes

Cast: Anthony Hopkins - Theodore 'Ted' Crawford

Ryan Gosling - DDA William 'Willy' Beachum

David Strathairn - DA Joe Lobruto

Rosamund Pike - Nikki Gardner

Embeth Davidtz - Jennifer Crawford

Billy Burke - Lt. Robert Nunally

Cliff Curtis - Detective Flores

Fiona Shaw - Judge Robinson

Bob Gunton - Judge Gardner

Josh Stamberg - Norman Foster

Xander Berkeley - Judge Moran

Zoe Kazan - Mona

Judith Scott - Resident

Gary Cervantes - Ciro

Petrea Burchard - Dr. Marion Kang

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