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"Firefox is to all intents and purposes, invisible..."

"As you probably realized by now, you are not going to be waltzing into Moscow, as Mitchell Gant."

"Would you believe me, if I told you he had five pounds of heroin, right there? Looks like he's on a weekend to Acapulco! Could you be that cool?"

"Any slip in character would be noticed, it would be lethal."

"Good. Bloody, damn good."

"Take his cigar. His cigar... Smoke it. Smoke it!"

"I don't understand why you're all so willing to die?"

"I dont' expect you to understand..."

"Well, I'm not going to walk back..."

"You must think in Russian. You can not think in English, and transpose."

"He did it. Damn, if he didn't actually do it..."

"Aren't you gunna threaten me or somethin...?"

"Sir, we'll need to know only one thing from you. What do you wish done if the plane is sighted?"

"Obliterate it... completely."

"Let's see what this baby can do!"

"There goes the neighborhood."

"Get outta' here... ya bum!"

"Better ice up some cold ones!"

Firefox Review

Director: Clint Eastwood

Writers: Craig Thomas, Alex Lasker & Wendell Wellman

Released: June 18, 1982

Movie length: 136 minutes

Cast: Clint Eastwood - Mitchell Gant

Freddie JonesKenneth Aubrey

David Huffman - Buckholz

Warren Clarke - Pavel Upenskoy

Ronald Lacey - Semelovsky

Kenneth Colley - Colonel Kontarsky

Klaus Löwitsch - General Vladimirov

Nigel Hawthorne - Pyotr Baranovich

Stefan Schnabel - First Secretary

Thomas Hill - General Brown

Clive Merrison - Major Lanyev

Kai Wulff - Lt. Colonel Voskov

Dimitra Arliss - Natalia

Austin Willis - Walters

Michael Currie - Captain Seerbacker

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